A Summer Review

It’s hard to believe that it was over 7 years ago since we moved from our farmhouse by the sea into our current townhouse. That Summer we were living in a lovely rental home and I did a blog post recapping all the happenings for us that Summer.

I thought you might enjoy these Summer recipes (which are some of the most popular here on the blog!), a tour of our rental home, and some fun DIY and craft projects. Here they are:

summer recap feature image

We cooked up a storm this Summer, trying out some new recipes and bringing back some old faithful ones. The links to all the recipes are under the picture.

Summer Recap ~ the Recipes on Harbour Breeze Home
  1. Black Bean Salad
  2. Texas Brownies
  3. Homemade Apple Juice that is clear
  4. Grandma Bernice’s amazing strawberry pie
  5. The best meatloaf recipe!
  6. Summer Greek Salad
  7. Cold pasta salad with ketchup dressing
  8. Grasshopper pie recipe
  9. Our family favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies soft and chewy!

We finished off the tour of our oh-so-good-to-us in between rental home, toured my niece’s beautiful modern home, and started a little kitchen inspiration series.

Summer Home Decor Recap ps
  1. Boys’ Basement Bathroom
  2. My neice’s modern home tour
  3. Small kitchen inspiration ideas
  4. Rental house laundry room tour
  5. Small entryway solutions
  6. Basement family room tour

I put my brave on and ventured into the world of videoing Real Life DIY projects. Lots of laughing and editing was involved…

Summer Recap ~ DIY & craft projects at Harbour Breeze Home
  1. DIY dining chair seat covers
  2. Chalk paint bookcase
  3. anchor decoration craft
  4. How to use cottage paint wax
  5. How to hang pictures – an easy hack!
Summer Recap ~ faith and family posts on harbour breeze home

On a personal note, for us this Summer was full of (3.)bridal showers,  (5.) sweet celebrations, (4.) house hunting,  (1.)learning the basics of Instagram, and eventually (2.) signing the papers to buy our first house. (So exciting!!!)

I want to thank you, my awesome readers, for stopping by to read, comment, encourage, and share your own experiences as we journey together to seek & find simple steps to live life beautifully.

Summer Blogging Recap

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  1. Congratulations on making 7 years in the blogging world. I have enjoyed reading your blog for about 3-4 years now. Thank you for sharing your talents, ideas and you.

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