How to Use Cottage Paint Wax

In this article: Learn how to apply Cottage Paint Wax to achieve a beautiful & durable finish on furniture and decorative pieces.

The chalk paint bandwagon started rumbling down the road years ago. I jumped on and experimented with all types and varieties: homemade chalk paint, Folk Art Chalk, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and recently painted a bookcase with Cottage Paint.

How to use Cottage Paint Wax

I love transforming things with paint, and have found all the chalk paint brands have performed well.

Trying to figure out the waxing step, however, has been a different story.

Through lots of experimenting, I’ve discovered that all waxes are not created equal. As I’ve gone online to read tutorials and watch videos, it became even more confusing.

I first tried out Cottage Paint on our electric fireplace.

How to use Cottage Paint Wax

The waxing step went very badly. I ended up with little teeny tiny patches of sealed areas. When the light hit it just right it looked speckled and splotchy!

When we were in White Rock, BC, I stopped into the Cottage Living Shop to ask how to apply the wax the proper way. Not only did the store owner explain it to me, she agreed to do a demonstration right then and let me video it.

How to use Cottage Paint Wax

So, today I’m showing you what she showed me!

How to Apply Cottage Paint Acrylic Wax

Supplies Needed:

  • Cottage Paint Acrylic Wax (I used the “flat” finish for this project)
  • Small container – like a cottage cheese container
  • A brush for applying the wax – Like this one : Miss Mustard Seed’s Large Wax brush
  • Sunlight bar soap for washing out brush

Step One: Stir the Cottage Paint Wax well.

Pour a small amount into a container (like a cottage cheese container) that has a mouth wide enough for your brush to fit in nicely.

Step Two: Dampen the brush by running it under water and squeezing out the excess water with a towel.

This step is incredibly important, and shows how different this “wax” product is compared to other brands. Since Cottage Paint Wax is actually an acrylic sealer, it works best when applies with a damp ~ not dry ~ brush.

Step Three: Dip brush into the wax, pick up a small amount of Cottage Paint Wax, and apply it to the furniture.

Apply the wax in circular motions and back and forth, rubbing it in as if you are applying lotion ~ making sure no wax is left sitting on top of the surface.

Work in small sections at a time. Once a section is well covered with wax, finish off by brushing lightly in the same direction it was painted.

Step Four: Let the Cottage Paint Wax dry between coats.

At least 2 coats of wax is recommended with Cottage Paint Wax ~ with drying time needed between each coat. When applying the wax, it will appear shiny (partly because of the wax and partly because of the damp brush), but will dry as a clear, light matte sheen.

Step Five: Clean the brush well after each use.

Wash the wax application brush out thoroughly with pure soap (like Sunlight bar soap), towel dry, and hang to dry.  As with any brush, if it is taken care of well, it should last for many years.

How to use Cottage Paint Wax

Here are a few other tips that may be of help:

  • The acrylic wax dries very quickly. If you find it is starting to dry in the brush before you are finished waxing, rinse the brush out while you’re still using it. (I did this a few times while waxing the bookcase.)
  • Some people have good experiences applying the wax with a damp sponge. I didn’t do well with that method, but perhaps that would work for you.
  • Cottage Paint Acrylic Wax has no beeswax in it, and therefore, it doesn’t need to be buffed at all. The advantage of this is that when or if you ever decide to repaint your piece later on down the road, you can simply repaint right over the top.

If you are interested in watching the original video I took at the Cottage Paint shop with Linda, I’ve published it as well ~ It has my actual questions in it as she’s working…along with a plethora of “OKs”… So, if you want in on the real live action, here it is!:

how to use cottage paint acrylic wax

If you missed the first episode of Real Life DIY (which showed how to use Cottage Paint), click here:

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  1. Hi. I just had the same experience as you did with your fireplace. Did you have to remove the the coat of acrylic that didn’t work before trying again?

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