Pottery Barn Inspired Pillow Tutorial

I have never been, nor do I claim to be a seamstress.  To sit down and try to type a sewing tutorial is slightly humorous for me.  However, if I can encourage you to try a project like this ~ take heart!  If I can do it, anyone can!:)

My inspiration for this project, was again, good ol’ Pottery Barn.  Those people there come up with many, many things I love!

pottery barn pillow {Image from Pottery Barn}


I bought 2 meters of fabric.  One was a floral print, and the other a soft, cream-colored one.

It’s recommended that you wash and dry your fabric first (for shrinkage reasons).  However, this time I wanted the crispness of the new fabric, so I didn’t.  I’ll just have to launder it carefully (hang it to dry).

I already had the pillow forms that I wanted to use.  For this one, my form was 17 inches square.  I cut a piece of fabric 19” wide and 41 1/2 “ long  and hemmed the top and bottom edges {the shortest length edges} with a 1/2 seam.DSC_2108

3.5 inches

I then folded one hemmed edge at (almost) 3 1/2 inches, and ironed.

6.5 inches

Then I folded it down from the top, 6 1/2 inches….

fold bottom up

and folded the bottom up 14 inches.

Pin each edge and sew a 1 inch seam on each side.

all sewed up

Then, turn right side out, and Voila!, you have a nice pocket for your pillow…

right side out

…and the extra “flap” becomes the decorative piece that you {faux} button down!

button up flap

finished pillow

(**After I completed all these photos, I discovered I had some more pillow forms that were slightly larger – about 18 inches square.  I ended up putting them in these covers.  I like pillow covers to fit tightly.  I think they look more “professional” that way…)

To finish off the button flap, I hand stitched the flap closed {at the center point only}.  Then I hand stitched on  a vintage button from  Mamma’s Button Collection.

I wrapped around a piece of jute and knotted it on the bottom to simulate the look that the cushion was “tied closed”.


completed pillows

There they are…all finished.

pottery barn pillow        cropped pillow

Pottery Barn’s price? ~  $32.82 each.  “Make it Yourself” price?~  $12.00 for 4 pillow covers (and leftover for more)…

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