Day 10: What a Colourful World…

{Cue  music and hear Louie Armstrong singing, “What a Wonderful World”…Smile}

Oh, I love, love, LOVE colour.  Lots and lots of colour.  I decided to dig around in my photo archives and show you some colors I love.  Each one represents a different “feel” for me:

teaparty tulips

Pink…soft, feminine, pretty.

the beach

Blue…calm, soothing, peaceful.

seventies blossoms cropped

White…clean, crisp, fresh, dreamy


Green…fresh, new, life

yellow flowers

Yellow…happy, bright, cheery

bowl of chestnuts

Brown…stable, solid, rustic

roses cropped and soft

Red…rich, energetic, romantic ~


There’s no doubt about it.  The use of colour is the most impactful of all home decor choices.

laundry room before

Take our basement Laundry Room for example.

A few cans of paint (and yes, a fair bit of work!Smile) completely changed the look and feel of the room.

craft room in afternoon

However, my love of ALL colors is a bit problematic when choosing specific color schemes.

{Help!  I’m a color schizophrenic!}

In our previous house, I chose rich, bold colors ~ like golden yellow, barn red, and dark blue ~ for wall colors.  I loved it.



But…when I moved into this house, something was different.  The house was different, but then, so was I.

I realized that our home decor tastes change as the seasons of our lives do, too.

Gone was the season of lego blocks, tonka trucks, and toddling boys grabbing my legs {sniff, sniff).  Our family was growing and changing.  It was a new season.  It was time for change.

Tomorrow I’ll show you some resources that helped me narrow down the choices.

{This is a part of the 31 Days Series “31 Ways to Make Home Uniquely You”.  A list of each day’s topics can be found here.}

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