Day 9: How to Turn an Inspiration Picture into a Decor Reality

I’ve mentioned before that I love to use inspiration pictures when working on decor projects.  Yesterday I started talking about how to apply that concept in a real life situation.

To recap, this is the space that I was working on ~ our Master Bedroom:

beach bedroom before

I first answered the 4 key questions I wrote about yesterday.  Then, I got out my favorite decor magazines and Pinterest boards to look for inspiration pictures  and ideas.  I landed on this one:


{I’ve searched high and low to try to find the original source of that picture.  If you know what it is, could you let me know?}

From the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was the “feel” I wanted for our room.

I studied and studied it and observed things like:

  • the walls, curtains and bedspread were all a neutral white and made up 3/4 of the room’s color.
  • Accents of aqua blue ~ in different shades ~ prevented it from being “sterile” and boring.
  • The mis-matched bedside tables added  a casual, happy,  relaxed feel.
  • The green accent on the left bed-side table added another dimension of “life” to the room.

I then set out ~ using things I already had ~ to create a space with a similar feeling.

Here’s how it turned out in the end:

after straight on

I won’t go into all the details again, since I’ve written about them before.

beach cottage bedroom labeled

But, if you happened to miss them the first time around, here are the links to the reveal and tutorials:

Beach Cottage Bedroom ~ The Reveal

Aqua and White Nightstand

The {Accidental} Pottery Barn Knock-off Headboard

Simple Linen Pillow Tutorial

Turn a Grommet Curtain into a Throw Pillow

Envelope Pillow Tutorial


I do find it sort of ironic that before I can decorate my house in a unique way, I first must find a picture to “copy”….Winking smile

Shh…that’s my little secret!

I guess the “unique” comes in when we add our own little personal flair and creativity in the mix…

And, if you are discouraged about your budget – or lack of one – please, take heart.  Our Beach Cottage Bedroom makeover only cost $6.00.  You will be shocked and amazed when you shop your house and repurpose, reuse, and reimagine things you already own!

{For a list of all the topics in the “31 Days to Make Home Uniquely You” series, click here.}

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  1. Rita – your bedroom turned out just beautiful! It’s calm and serene yet bright and happy! The turquoise just pops!! 🙂 I do the same thing with finding a picture first. It really helps keeps me on track and focused on the look I’m going for. Great job!!!

    xoxo laurie

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