Spring Cleaning

I read an article a few years ago.  In it the history of “Spring Cleaning” was explained.  It claimed that all that scrubbing and airing out is no longer applicable in this day and age.  It was an antiquated process that was necessary in the “olden days” when people used woodstoves as their primary source of heat.  The stoves left a thin, sticky “soot-like” substance that needed to be wiped off each Spring.

I laughed and laughed.  For there in the corner of my living room is this:


Our house’s main source of heat.

I guess today IS the “olden days” at my house!

Thankfully, the sun is shining brightly and I have the urge to break out the cleaning bucket and Vim.  (Goodness knows when I have the urge, I must go with it!)

I’m starting here.


I have some big dreams for this kitchen.  Step one is cleaning out the cupboards and rearranging things.

My mom used to say that when you’re organizing things, it always gets worse before it gets better.

It’s about to get worse…much, much worse…Smile

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One Comment

  1. Hi
    I just came upon your blog through Uncommon slice of Suburbia.
    We also have a wood stove, but wood stoves "in the olden days" or now are 2 different things. Even though it is dusty in the house, we don't have soot on the walls. Our stove is very energy efficient and does not have smoke billowing out of it as the olden ones did.
    I still like to "spring clean" when I have the time, but not twice a year like my grandparents used too!

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