Disco Time!

It’s a beautiful, sunny morning here in our neck of the woods.  I’m sitting and relaxing with a cup of coffee while I the birds chirp happily outside the window.  I’m rejoicing in not only 1 day off from the camp kitchen, but 2 in a row!!  (Woo Hoo!) All kinds of lofty plans of home projects and blogging are on the schedule, but really, only time will tell.  Naptime is definitely a priority!;)

But for now, I wanted to show you my newest little piece of home decor.  I spied it as I was shopping for camp craft supplies a few weeks ago.  I probably would have walked right by it if I hadn’t ever read this post from The Nester’s blog.  But since I did, I snatched that baby up without one bit of buyer’s angst.  Wanna see it?  It’s perched right in the center of my kitchen table.

disco ball

…a sparkly, shiny, mirror disco ball!!

The Nester’s post taught me that setting one in direct sunlight fills a room with little beams of polka dot light.

sparkly kitchen

So right around noon every day in my kitchen…

there’s a sparkly party goin’ on!

Although you can find mirror balls online (like here) for about $42.00, I found mine at our local Dollar Store for $3.00.  It was worth every shiny penny…

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  1. Hi that disco ball is SO neat! I am from Campbell River and love reading your blog posts! I am definitely getting one of those disco balls! Thank you

  2. Love it! Love the price as well, which dollar store did you find it in? I am from the interior of BC and enjoy your posts as well.

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