A Kitchen Faucet Story

We’ve needed a new kitchen faucet for a long time.  It didn’t look that bad, really…

old faucet

It was what you couldn’t see that was the problem.  If we didn’t shut it off juuuust right, a leak would trickle out the back and down on to the shelf below.  The shelf, over time, has become desperately ruined.  (It looks so bad, I’ll spare you a picture.).

The reason we didn’t get it replaced was really my fault.  You see, I wanted a fun “farmhouse style” sort of faucet with one of those goose necks.  Every time I would think about it while I was shopping, I would check to see if it was on sale.

I’ve been looking and looking… for over a year.  I never found them on sale.  Bummer.

I still was persevering for that sale, though.  I’m stubborn like that. {I’ve now realized that’s a bad idea when plumbing is involved.}

The other day, I discovered a mini lake under my sink.  {Yuk. Yuk. Yuk.}

leaking problem

We had to resort to putting a bucket under the pipe, and I needed to remember to empty it every day….uggh.

So, off to buy a faucet for real this time.  I realized I needed to get just a plain jane and be happy with it…

But, lo and behold, there was a miracle in the plumbing department.  This beauty…

new faucet

was 50 percent off!!!!

It was like a big ol’ hug straight from Heaven.

{And I love it so much!  The sprayer pulls out the top.  You can twist it for stream or spray.  …So nifty!}

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! If it were mine I would just sit there and look at it. Good things happen to those who wait. :o)

  2. Now that is one pretty looking faucet. I think I want one just like it. Oh and I also want those pretty flowers you have next to the sink!

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