Modern Farmhouse Bedrooms

In this article: Be inspired with 10 beautiful examples of Modern Farmhouse Bedrooms. And then, discover some quick and easy ways to add some of that modern farmhouse style into your rooms, too!

Last week, I shared the before pictures of our current Master Bedroom makeover project. As with the start of any project, I’ve done some homework with how I’d like the “after” picture to look like.

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As I collected inspiration pictures, I quickly realized that the style that speaks to me most is the Modern Farmhouse Bedroom.

Joanna Gaines and the Fixer Upper show has made that particular style a common theme, it seems. But, as I’ve studied it more in depth, I’ve been asking myself what it is about the Farmhouse Style that so many of us love? And more specifically, how can we get that look in our own homes?

collage of farmhouse bedrooms with the text "10 inspiring modern farmhouse bedroom" over it

10 Ways to Create a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

(even if you don’t live in a farmhouse!)

Start with a Neutral Color Palette

Farmhouse bedroom with metal bedframe, white shiplap wall behind, wood toned nightstands beside, and black wall mounted sconce lights above the nightstands.

{Source: Lauren McBride Blog}

The Modern Farmhouse Bedroom color scheme usually starts with the dominant shade of white. One article that I read stated that the farmhouse scheme is usually 60% white with a 30-10 rule for the accent shades. Accent shades are often grays, tans, or browns. The accent shade should be the boldest shade of all.

In the example picture above you can see that white is keeps the space clean, bright and fresh. The wooden night stands and tray add warmth and texture. And, the accent color of black (on the bed frame, lights, and script on the pillow) add interest and dimension.

Mix patterns and textures of fabric

Farmhouse bedroom with a bed with a wooden headboard; botatanical art prints above the bed, and striped linen bedding and pillows.

{Source: Junque Cottage}

The modern farmhouse bedroom mixes patterns of fabric liberally. Stripes are layered over solids, and almost always, you will find a little “earth-toned” something somewhere ~ like the curtains and throw pillow above.

Make Comfort Key

Farmhouse bedroom with white upholstered headboard on bed; a light blue wall behind, and gray bedding and pillows.

{Source: Hymns and Verses}

A modern farmhouse bedroom evokes the feeling that makes a person want to flop on the bed, curl up with a good book and stay a while! Warm blankets, bedside lights, and a soft rug for your feet are a few things that help in the comfort department.

Customize it to function perfectly for you

A farmhouse bedroom with a floor to ceiling built in bookcase surrounding the bed with white headboard, wooden fram and white bedding.

{Source: The Curious Bumblebee}

I read recently that the farmhouse style is practical for functionality. Building a custom wall unit that acts as both decor and nightstands is a perfect example of that! Not only does it make a stunning and beautiful statement, it provides practical storage to accommodate everyday needs.

Style with elements of history and age

A farmhouse style nightstand beside a bed with an old window frame propped up on it and a galvanized bucket of greenery, stack of books, candle and lamp on it.

{Source: Liz Marie Blog}

An old window, galvanized bucket of flowers, and a rustic side table adds to that nostalgic feel that modern farmhouse style brings.

Mix styles and colors of furniture

A farmhouse style bedroom with a black feature wall with a bed with a wooden frame against it with white bedding.

{Source: My Vintage Porch}

Did you notice a common theme in all the pictures in this post? There are no matching “sets” of furniture to be found! Headboards, nightstands, benches and dressers are usually of the mix and match variety in the modern farmhouse bedroom. Some are painted, some are wood, and they blend together to make a stunning overall combination.

Add in fabulous lighting

A farmhouse bedroom with a vaulted ceiling, large chandilier, and a bed with a white washed headboard, & white bedding with light blue accents.

{Source: Home Bunch}

[BTW, the whole house tour at Home Bunch is amazing!]

Although some of us don’t have the space for a stunning chandelier in our farmhouse bedrooms, it does make a beautiful statement! Other options are wall mounted sconces above the bed, or bedside lamps with wooden bases.

Add a statement art piece above the bed

A farmhouse bedfroom with a wooden bedframe with a shelf above it with white pitchers and a sign.

{Source: The Mountain View Cottage}

Above the headboard is a perfect place to perch a beautiful art piece or wall arrangement. Antique windows, large art with typography, a framed engineer print, or a collection of framed free printables are a few ideas.

Add Greenery

A white farmhouse bedroom with a metal bedframe bed in black, a small table for a desk and a wooden door leading outside.

{Source: Miss DIY Blog}

Adding greenery and natural elements brings life to a modern farmhouse bedroom. It adds a pop of color into the neutral color scheme and helps finish off the whole look.

I just love seeing the inspiration of others’ creativity. The mixes of finishes, colors, soft fabrics, lighting, and decor makes each space unique and special.

Other ideas for creating a modern farmhouse bedroom:

  • Stack up old books on the nightstand and top with a small vase of fresh flowers
  • Add in an element of warm wood tones by hanging a wood shelf with black brackets. Style with vintage prints, faux or real greenery, and galvanized metal objects.
  • Create a cozy seating corner with a chair, stand with lamp, and a basket for a throw blanket. (See our cozy corner nook here.)

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  1. What is the accent wall color in picture #6 for mix colors and patterns and has the Stay Awhile” sign above bed?

  2. Hi! I love all the tips you’ve shared. Would you mind sharing where that nightstand is from under “Style with elements of history and age”? I’ve been trying to find something similar for some time.

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