How to Add Farmhouse Style to White Rooms

Add interest and cozy farmhouse style with these decor ideas for white rooms.

I remember when I thought white rooms were so boring.

I was into cranberry red, royal blue, and golden yellow back then.

Don’ t you just love how tastes change over time?

Although I still love color, I’ve fully embraced the neutral (and white!) trend. It’s my current thing.

I shocked even myself by going with such a white white in our Living Room (Simply White by Benjamin Moore) – and loved it from day one.

How to add farmhouse style to white rooms

However, once a room is all fresh and white, it’s important to add elements to bring in interest, life, & warmth to an otherwise blank space.

Six simple ways for how to add modern farmhouse style to a white room | harbourbreezehome.com

Here are 6 ways to add interest and cozy farmhouse style to white rooms:

1. Mix in some black & metal elements and features

How to add farmhouse style to white rooms

{Source: Deuce Cities Henhouse}

A friend once told me that every room needs a bit of something black to ground the space and add interest. The powder room above shows how a generous dose of black in the floor tiles, grout, sink, accessories and light fixtures can add so much interest to a room with lots of white.

2. Warm up white rooms with Wood Tones or Brick

How to add farmhouse style to white rooms

{Source: Maison dePax}

I love the warmth that wood tones bring into white and neautral rooms and spaces. Wood tones don’t just have to be actual wood, though. Wood tones in the photo above include a wicker basket, wood colored book spines, vases, and a mirror frame.

A tiny bit of brick in the fireplace surround adds some more warmth against a completely white wall.

3. Sprinkle Greenery throughout the space

How to add farmhouse style to white rooms

{Source: Magnolia Market}

Adding greenery -whether real, live plants or faux – brings freshness and life into any space. Of course it goes well with white rooms, but really greenery is always appropriate in any color of space!

4. Mix in Soft Furnishings & Textures

How to add farmhouse style to white rooms

{Source: Love Grows Wild}

The coziness of a room or space isn’t determined just by the colors that are used in it. Textures play an important role in how a room feels. Softness added in through the texture of a rug, blanket and chair fabric make the above all white space feel so welcoming and inviting.

5. Add Typography

How to add farmhouse style to white rooms

6. Art/ Architecural Elements

How to add farmhouse style to white rooms

{Source: Liz Marie Blog}

See other ideas for white rooms here:

White room with the text "style ideas for white rooms" on top

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  1. I really enjoyed this post Rita. Just starting the decorating process of our basement which includes a family room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The walls are going to be white and it’s going to be decorated in the “farmhouse” style. Your post was very timely. I always enjoy your blog anyways ???? Hope to see you and say hello during our visit to CR (arriving today!)

  2. The wonderful ideas just keep coming, love your home. Can hardly wait to see your room when done. When I finish this comment have 2 of other posts of yours want to peek into. Love getting ideas and how can implement them in ours which is small single wide mfg.home, loving your blog, am fairly new subscriber.
    Have wonderful Spring weekend

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