Boho Master Bedroom Before & After Revealed

Find budget friendly room makeover ideas in this boho master bedroom before & after reveal.

How can you do a master bedroom makeover without spending a lot of money?

Well, come on in and I’ll show you all the tips and tricks we used in our Modern Boho Master Bedroom room makeover!

After completing over 25 (super) budget friendly room makeovers over the years, this time I joined in the One Room Challenge makeover event.

Put on by Calling it Home and Better Homes & Gardens, it challenged guest participants to make over a room in 8 weeks. And week 8 has finally arrived. It’s before and after reveal day! 

For those of you just joining here for the first time today, here’s  a quick recap.

 Boho Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Budget Friendly Master Bedroom Makeover Goals

Our two main goals for this makeover were to:

  • Add personality and style through decor, and
  • Increase functionality in the small space.

We also wanted to do this makeover using supplies that we already had on hand – as much as possible. We thought it would be a good way to free up some more space in our home as well as save money!

The Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

After spending lots of time searching for ideas and inspiration, we decided to go with a Modern Farmhouse boho look with a dark feature wall.

Mood board of a modern farmhouse boho inspired master bedroom makeover

This is the boho master bedroom mood board that started off our room makeover.

The Closet Makeover:

The first thing we needed to address was our small closet organization.

Ours was a basic closet with a bar and shelf on each side. It was hard to keep organized and there was LOTS of wasted precious space!

Moving both hanging rods to one side of the closet and stacking them immediately made more sense.

Adding a small dresser and shelves to the other side allowed us to fit in TWICE as many clothes in the same amount of space.

We love it, and it’s still functioning so well.

Want all the nitty gritty details on how we did this small makeover? Click here for our tiny closet organization tricks. (And spoiler alert – it only cost $30!)

Painting and accessorizing Bedroom Feature wall

Once the closet was addressed, we were able to move onto other areas of the room. 

We started with the feature wall and painted it black.

(Wondering why we chose black? Well, these inspiration pictures with black bedroom walls sealed the deal for me. Plus, I used all my other tricks for how to choose a paint color that I just love!!)

Then we added floating beside tables, painted the Ikea’s Arstid wall sconces metalic gold, relocated some old art, made boho tapestry wall hangings, and faux leather throw pillows.

It made a HUGE difference!!


Bedroom with a dresser beside one side and a table and chair on the other.
The farmhouse style master bedroom before. The feature wall color was Silver Strand.

And NOW:

Boho Master Bedroom black feature wall. Color is Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore.

The color Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore is a soft black color which changes in the most beautiful way as the light changes.

We just love how it turned out!

10$ floating bedside tables frees up precious floor space and makes our room feel so much more spacious!

My husband built our Pottery Barn inspired headboard years ago. It got a fresh, new look by stripping off all the layers of previous paint, and was upholstered with cream and black striped fabric I bought years ago.

I have special wall cord covers that can be painted and will cover up the white cords from our lights. (You can see how we hid the lamp cords here.)



Hanging Ikea Ritva curtains on a copper curtain rod (both of which I already had in my stash), gave a softer and more “high end” look than our previous curtains.

Adding interest to a boring wall

The other side of the room got a few cosmetic changes, too.


The wall opposite the bed has a door to the bathroom, and was…well, a bit boring!


A modern peg rail with shelf and some new farmhouse trim around the bathroom door jazzed up this wall without costing a fortune.

And speaking of cost, want to know how much this real life room makeover cost? 

Cost of this Modern Farmhouse Boho Bedroom Makeover

  • Closet Shelves & Brackets – Most materials we had on hand, but spend $10 for one piece of wood for shelf
  • Simply White paint for closet walls and shelves – Already had on hand
  • Baskets for Closet Shelf Organization – $20 for 4
  • Iron Mountain Paint for feature wall – Already had on hand
  • 2 Floating Nightstands DIY project – $20
  • 2 Tapestry Wall Hangings DIY project – $3.00 for black pom pom trim
  • Metallic Gold Spray Paint for Wall Lamps – Already had on hand
  • Cord Covers for Lamps – $10 (I still need to put those on!)
  • DIY Faux Leather Pillow Covers – $3 (I sewed them – tutorial will be coming)
  • Ikea Ritva Curtains
  • Throw Blanket – $12
  • Wood for Peg Shelf $5
  • Pegs – Already had on hand
  • Wood Plugs for peg rail – $5
  • DIY Boho Artwork – Already had all the supplies on hand
  • New, real plants – $28
  • DIY faux cement plant holders out of tin cans – Already had all the supplies
  • =TOTAL COST: $125

Small Budget Makeovers are my Favorite

I admit. Small budget makeovers are my thing. I love the challenge small budgets are – and figuring out budget friendly DIYS to get the final result and look we’d like. To see other room makeovers done on a budget, you might want to check out these posts:

Thank you for joining my on this One Room Challenge Makeover Journey

Today marks the end of this one room makeover challenge hosted by Calling it Home and Better Homes and Gardens. To see all the room makeover reveals, be sure to head over to the site (click here) and check them out.

I don’t want to see you go forever, though!

Let’s stay in touch. There are lots more fun room makeovers, crafts, recipes, and ideas for your home yet to come. Be sure to click the button below to become a VIP and join my newsletter list so you don’t miss a thing!

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  1. Your bedroom makeover is absolutely stunning! Every part of the journey made it into an overall beautiful space

  2. I would love to know where you got the wonderful picture over the bed. Looks so great in that spot.

  3. Wow – your room makeover is sensational! You’re so talented and always make things seem achievable – thank you 🙂

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