Attic Room Makeover Reveal

See how a dark and date historic farmhouse attic bedroom was transformed on a small budget in this attic room makeover reveal.

My husband and I grew up in homes filled with music.  We both did our time sitting at the piano practicing runs and trying to trick our piano teachers into thinking we’d actually practiced.  Well, that’s what I did, anyway.  I’m sure he practiced very faithfully…Winking smile

Although I had a dream that our boys would someday grow up to be piano players, I realized early on that that wasn’t really their thing.  They did, however, love guitars.  I’m sure growing up at a camp where guitars are played on a regular basis had something to do with it.  The good thing is that they are much more portable than pianos.  I’ve been thrilled over the years to listen to guitars (and singing voices with them) of various varieties being played around here.

Now we have a place just for that.

With a budget friendly makeover, one of the attic room bedrooms was transformed into a music room and library!

Attic Room Before and After Makeover Reveal


Come on in and I’ll give you a tour. First, I’ll remind you of what it looked like not long ago:

This historic farmhouse attic room was dated and dark before its makeover.

I told the story of how this room was our oldest son’s bedroom in this post. He packed up his bag and headed on to a new job in another province.

I discovered first hand what an adjustment it is to a Momma’s heart when her first son grows up and moves away from home…



Paint made the biggest difference in this attic room makeover.

We added a little lot of paint in this budget friendly makeover.

The first step was to paint all the dark boards with a special primer and paint. I found out that it was the messiest paint project ever!


with door
Although it doesn’t show up well in the before pictures, the only painted walls in this attic room had a sponge painted treatment.

But, oh, the nice bright look it turned into made it so worth it!


low wall before

After the walls and ceiling were painted, I tackled painting the worn floors.

I wanted to do that project using paint I already had, so the first coat I painted was purple!

But, the final coat with a special technique turned it a nice dark brown/ black color – similar to the dark stain of the original floor.

Creative accessories turned this attic room space into a rustic farmhouse feel, with space for guitars and books.

A big rug added warmth and softness to the room, and 2 small chairs make a nice conversation area.


low wall

What was once a dark stained wall became a place to hang pictures and lean guitars and amps up to.


door wall before


whole guitar wall

A small closet space was awkward and hard to use.


built-ins wall before

Making a simple curtain out of dropcloth makes it easy to now store items in that area without making it look messy.

And the large shelves are the perfect place for blankets!


custom storage wall

A gallery wall of old painted pictures and framed vintage book pages fit the style of this historic farmhouse.

wall art 2


wall art

One of my favorite parts of the room is this chippy old painted chair base.

pile of books 2

chippy chair end table

It makes a perfect little end table…and it’s much happier here than sitting in the garage!Smile

half guitar wall

I learned first hand how difficult it is to photograph such a small space with low walls.  In fact, I did 3 photo shoots trying to get pictures to reflect it well.  Really, I’d rather you just came on over and I’d show it to you in person.

whole short wall

You can sit in whatever chair you’d like…

and I’ll bring up the coffee!Smile

{Details and budget breakdown here.}

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  1. Well worth the wait!!!!! Very nice!!! Enjoy…..Hope I can take you up on the offer and come and see it in person soon.

  2. Beautiful job Rita! I would love to come and visit, sit, and enjoy a cup of coffee at your lovely home. Alas, a trip from south Florida to out your way just isn’t in the budget right now (insert sad face here.). Maybe someday (wink, wink).
    Hugs to you on this cold January day!

  3. You have a great home!!! 🙂 I love thw room transformation, there are so cute and looks very comfortable.

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