Our {Retro} Main Bathroom

I’ve been itching to do something creative.  There’s lots of options all around, but lately my thoughts have been leaning toward our main bathroom.

main bathroom from above

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time fixing the little place up.

sink wall

Well, I did at one point try to do a little sompin’ sompin’ ~ and it turned out to be quite traumatic.

I learned first hand that oil and water just don’t mix.  It all began when I tried to paint chocolate brown {latex} paint over what turned out to be oil-based mint green.  The resulting “chocolate mint” disaster on the walls was the one and only time I cried actual tears over a decorating disaster.  {And why was I trying to paint it chocolate brown anyway?  It looked horrible!}  The amount of work it took to fix that “oops” has made me beyond cautious in changing anything in here ~


~ until now.

I think it’s time to try.

bathroom window

I haven’t decided yet what to do.  Perhaps something a little more “beach cottage” and less “Retro 70’s”.  Perhaps some of you are dealing with the same dilemmas in your own home.

For now, I’m starting the process by gathering up lots of inspiration pictures.

I’ll start showing you them tomorrow.

See you then!

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  1. I had a disaster with oil base paint and latex. In the first parsonage we lived, I decided to paint the long galley hallway. What I didn’t know was the paint on the wall was oil based, as I finished the project and went to peal off the tape along came the paint. What a mess I had! I’m looking forward to see what you do with the room. It looks like the exact layout and size of our master bath that I redid a few years ago.

  2. Oh thank you! you see we have a tiny bathroom too… and always have. Oddly enough I like it that way… it feels comfy and cozy and well i feel lost in those huge spacious spa like bathrooms. and you have natural light! yeah for windows in the potty!!!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your ideas! Now I’m off to do a little clearing up so that I can splash some paint on the walls (or rather primer) of a certain young man’s room. so excited about the finishing the room!

    Have a wonderful day my dear!

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