Craft Room & Office Reveal



I was down to these final few totes after moving into our townhouse and putting away box after box of things:

The craft supplies.


Every nook and cranny was already full, and it was quite the feat to (eventually) find room for them in a hall closet.

Although it fit, it seemed messy and didn’t function well.


One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given regarding setting up a new home is that it takes time.

It takes time to sort out what works best where.

It takes time to experiment and rearrange and figure out how to live well in a new space.

It takes time to realize what you need and what you should get rid of.

It takes time to tweak ideas…and then tweak them some more!

So, I decided earlier this year that the craft closet wasn’t working for me. It was time to experiment and try out a whole new Craft Room & Office space.

Our son was away for work for 6 months, so I decided to experiment with his room.

The only before picture of it is this:

Craft Room & Office Reveal

It’s a pretty basic smallish sized room and was painted the same builder beige that the whole house was.  The first thing I did was empty out the space and paint it a mix of Misted Green and Grey Cashmere (left over from our previous Living Room and Office).

I then perched my table top desk in the corner below the window.

Craft Room & Office Reveal

It was the perfect spot to sit and blog.

Across from it, I set up a few shelving units from the garage with my  newly painted dresser in the center.

All those shelves allowed me to spread out the supplies and organize like things together.

Craft Room & Office Reveal

It was easy to find things, and was a nice bright space to work in.

I loved it!

But, guess what?

My son is home again, and I needed to turn it into his room again…

If you want to see where my crafts ended up, head on over to my guest post at Kenarry Ideas for the Home to read how I organized my crafts in a small space.

I’m very happy with where they ended up, and have currently moved my little office table into my other son’s room for the summer. (He’s away at camp.)

(Thankfully, the boys are very ok with sharing their rooms when they are away…;))

Craft Room & Office Reveal


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