The Master Bedroom

Thanks for sharing!

Our Master Bedroom project was the very first big “reveal” post I ever wrote  on this blog.  I was scared silly to do so and wondered if anyone would even care…

It started out as a  cave-like space.  Dark wood planks covered all the walls, ceiling and floor.  We referred to it as “THE COFFIN”:

our bedroom


A friend of ours brought over his paint sprayer one day and had the whole thing primed and painted {White Down by Benjamin Moore} in just a few hours.  It was a refreshing change, and we’ve loved it ever since:




Things have stayed almost exactly the same since then.  In fact, because the room is small and hard to rearrange, I just leave all the furniture in the same spot.

Dust bunnies have now grown to ginormous proportions…

It’s time for a good clean.  And as long as I have all this furniture moved willy nilly, I think it’s time for a new look, too…

cleaning the room

I’m thinking of something

  • dramatically different…
  • That won’t take too long…
  • And requires the little to no budget {using what I already have}.

Oh, my!  Cleaning just got way more exciting! Smile

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Ah! The suspense! What will the great decorating guru, Rita, do with her bedroom! 🙂 I LOVE your blog Rita! Can`t wait to see what you do!

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