How to Create a Beach Cottage Deck (when you live in the city!)

One of the many things we love about this in-between rental is it’s lovely deck. It’s not elaborate or swanky ~ nor does it have a view of the water or mountains. It’s perched – like many other city homes -smack dab in the middle of other houses that all have their own decks and yards.

It occurred to me one afternoon during a lovely sunny coffee time with my husband that perhaps I should do something to make this outdoor space a little more pleasant.

beach cottage inspired deck makeover

4 chairs and a barbecue do not an exciting deck make.

I  tend to get overwhelmed with details and plans, so this time, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to see if I could make the space look completely different in just one day.

The party cart got the project rolling. (Literally! ha:))

The blue chairs were the first element already existing, so I wanted to choose another feature that would both compliment the chairs and provide an anchor for the space. A bright, budget friendly Walmart outdoor rug was just the ticket.

beach cottage inspired deck makeover

Adding in furniture pieces that we already had ~ like the fold-able outdoor side table ~ add practical function. It’s the perfect place to set down a cup of coffee or a tall glass of ice water. Our son’s wake board set in the corner adds a little more beach- color blue into the setting and helps provide a little more privacy.

beach cottage inspired deck makeover

Although I have visions of a large coffee table with a hinged lid for pillows, an  upside down crate works great to prop up our feet and hold our reading material.  (Wouldn’t it be fun to add castors to it?) An un-used peeling white and pink nightstand was completely transformed with a fresh coat of aqua blue paint. It’s just the pop of color I was looking for!

beach cottage inspired deck makeover

Simple greenery was planted in planters we already had sitting empty in the garage.

beach cottage inspired deck makeover

I figured succulents like this hens & chicks would be a good solution for the occasional forgetfulness of regular watering.;)

painted pew

The painted pew adds extra seating space and is protected from rain by the overhang above.

I can see the whole deck from the kitchen sink.  Seeing this happy little space:

beach cottage inspired deck makeover

is sure alot more fun than what it used to be!

beach cottage inspired deck makeover


The barbecue is now relocated to the other side of our deck ~ conveniently blocking the view into our closet neighbor’s kitchen window and deck.

Which brings me to my big burning question: What are some ideas you’ve found that are both pretty and practical for providing privacy on your decks in town? I’m thinking there must be some amazing options out there. I can’t wait to hear what they are!

beach cottage inspired deck makeover

P.S.  If you missed the rusty-turned-party cart makeover, you can find it here:

vintage cart makeover

Or, if you’re contemplating a new front door color, here are the steps on how to paint one (along with my favorite color combination of all front door time!).

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  1. Looks nice and cozy , great job ! I live on the east coast and I added a few lobster trap buoys to mine 🙂

  2. You did awesome job turning your very nice deck into a snazzy place to hang out. If you can put poles on deck railings could construct a nice curtain or two for more privacy. Or buy one of those porch covers with poles and all, center it so it’s by corner where you have set up furniture, and yeah putting casters on crate will make it more versatile, maybe paint it. Have fun and enjoy your wonderful deck all summer with family and friends.
    Enjoy rest of week.

  3. I live in the country, but we live on the corner of a busy road. We have a chain link fence in our back yard, so privacy is an issue. I have galvanized metal water troughs for my raised bed gardens – that gives us quite a bit of privacy, especially when the vegetable plants grow larger. I think perhaps some container garden pots would give you some extra screening. I found two galvanized metal tubs through Amazon Warehouse for $9.00 each. I was able to fill them up for a pretty low price and planted some seeds in them. I have an older galvanized tub that I planted tomatoes in – I bought the 4 plants at a local market for $1.29, so very cost effective.

    I love that you did your project in one day and shopped your house for many of your items – my kind of makeover!

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