Jewellery Organization on Display

My friend Sue and I were out shopping a few months ago.  She was introducing me to a beautiful store in our area that I’d never been to before.  It was filled with beautiful things and displayed in a beautiful way.  You could (and we did!) lose all track of time wandering through the aisles of eye-catching things.

I was intrigued by some amazing jewellery storage systems there.  They were made of some sort of wrought iron and were the perfect blend of shabby chic and classy.  Some of them had cute little birds perched on the top.

And then it hit me!  I had something very similar already at home, and even more special, it was given to me by the very friend I was shopping with!

walk in closet after ps

You can see it there on the wall next to the mirror.  I’m pretty sure its intended use was not for jewellery (it’s an outdoor garden decor item), but it works like a charm!


It has lots of little loop-dy loops to hang necklaces on, and the little “birdbath” holds earrings just dandy.


How do you store your jewellery so it doesn’t become a knotted tangled mess??

jewellry organization with words

Have a wonderful day!

Rita Joy

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  1. I learned from a goldsmith friend that pendant and chain necklaces won’t ever get tangled if you store them in individual baggies with a small loop of chain sticking out. The little ziplock bags that extra buttons for a shirt come in are perfect. This method isn’t decorative like your pretty hanger but it works! You could hang your pretty beads and hide the baggies away giving you the best of both.

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