Pretty Make-Up Organization

One of the things I did while organizing my wardrobe and closet was to sort through my stash of make-up.  I discovered things I hadn’t set my eyes on for YEARS!!!  (ooo, bluck!).  I threw out things that were outdated and kept only the things that I use right now.

vanity ps

Then I needed to organize it in a pretty, practical way.  There’s all kinds of pretty options…  Here’s a few I just rounded up:

I love how the pretty drawer liner shows through this clear organization tray:

clear makeup organization


I would have never thought to use an office supply item as make-up storage, but it looks so neat!:

lazy susan make-up organizer

                        ( Source )

And this clever lady made a magnetic make-up board.  Genius!

magnetic make-up board


I didn’t spend a whole lot of time fashioning something unique.  But, I found a kitchen utensil holder I wasn’t using and put it in the middle drawer of the vanity.

make-up drawer

It works just dandy, and is handy as can be.

The nail polish and creams sit on top in an old ironstone bowl I found at the thrift store…

nail polish

Sweet and simple…

That’s what rocks my world these days!:)

Have you found a great make-up storage solution?  Do tell!:)

Have a wonderful day,

Rita Joy

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