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The Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

It dawned on me when I woke up this morning that it’s the one year anniversary of moving into our townhouse!

One year (and 6 days ago) we got the keys to the very first home of our own and entered the door to this:

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

We then proceeded to fill it up to overflowing and set out to make it feel like home.

Right away, I jumped into a Bloggers’ One Room Challenge project and did a makeover on this space:

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

We haven’t made any major changes to this space since then ~ other than shuffle around furniture a few hundred times…

Here it is now~

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

I’ve made peace with our current furniture situation, but constantly have my eye out for something that might fit the space better. For now, it’s comfy and cozy and relaxing…

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

The Billy Bookcase system from Ikea is still my favorite feature in the room. It works hard storing all kinds of things, but also gives personality in the space.

I decided not to decorate with heavy Fall accents, but rather went with neutral tones, textures, and greenery. Taking out a shelf allowed the opportunity to add in a large wooden cutting board and round wicker placemat.

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

Faux succulents have become one of my favorite decor pieces. They add a pop of pretty green life to any space…and I don’t have to remember to water them!

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

Inspired by another blogger’s mauve color scheme for Fall, I headed to the Dollar Store to see if I could find anything similar. I ended up with a few bunches of faux flowers and a table centerpiece that I took apart and added into 3 different arrangements.

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour


Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

This one is my favorite, but I also added one to the buffet hutch,

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

and the end table by the couch.

Townhouse Fall Living Room Tour

It adds a little fresh color to the space for a new season of the year.

Do you change up your decor when the seasons change? If so, what are your favorite Fall decor pieces. I’d love to know!

PS: I just remembered I have a YouTube Channel (and may start adding some new things there…). I’ll link below a Fall styling video I did a while ago. It’s really not earth shattering, but you might want to check out the 1 lone comment on it. It made me laugh out loud!!:) Obviously, I haven’t followed her advice…tee hee…

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  1. Love what you did with the bed ruffle, I would love to try it but I am apprehensive because I think my cat would be pulling the ruffles out of the bed. Also my bed has to be the type that the head and legs can be adjusted.( like a hospitol bed.)I really love the look. How did you think that up. Show more of your shabby chic stuff. I am searching for more ideas! Marcia

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