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Dining Room Feature Walls

On the last episode of the One Room Challenge, we had just painted out the Living and Dining Room in Simply White. Well, all except 2 walls, that is.

A friend had suggested earlier that perhaps I could add some interest into the space and define the Dining Room area more by painting 2 walls as feature walls.

Dining Room Feature Walls ~ Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore

I liked that idea.

She also suggested I might want to try black.

That sorta scared me to death.

Although I knew it fit in with the Modern Industrial Farmhouse concept, I was concerned that it may look like a strange checkerboard…

However, I’ve learned over the years that you really can’t judge whether you like something or not until you try it.

Decor is a risk. I decided to go for it.

After all, paint color is something that can be relatively easily changed if it doesn’t turn out as expected.

Like white, black also has many shades.

I went with one highly recommended by a friend, as it seemed to be bold, yet warm.


Iron Mountain, by Benjamin Moore.

(When choosing any paint color, it is extremely important to try the swatches out in the actual space you’ll be painting. This color may look much lighter in a large brightly lit room.)

We knew we would either love or hate it.

The verdict? (drum roll, please?)

We LOVE it!!

Dining Room Feature Walls ~ Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore

It seems counterintuitive to put a dark color up in a dark space, but in this case, the dark walls are well balanced with light from all the Simply White walls.

Adding long white curtain panels around the window also brightens the space and somehow makes the chandelier above the table stand out more.

To recap where we are in this process, I’ll remind you where we started (before):

Dining Room Feature Walls ~ Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore

And where we are after new paint!

Dining Room Feature Walls ~ Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore

Yea!…one more thing checked off our to do list, and one more step closer to this place feeling like home.

(PS. I’m hiding that wall in the after picture because it’s the big surprise for tomorrow!;))

  1. Change out light fixtures. (One done, one to go.)
  2. Paint the bizarre brown racing stripe around the perimeter of the room’s ceiling out.
  3. Paint out the dreadfully dark builder’s beige color.
  4. Add some feature walls of interest in the Dining Room space.
  5. Figure out storage space solutions.
  6. Re-design the entryway closet to function better and have a little style.
  7. Hang up art
  8. Find lighting solutions to brighten up the room during the day and night.
  9. Start shopping for a new couch/ new chairs?  (This may just be a dream…)
  10. New rug?

Dining Room Feature Walls ~ Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore

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