The Burlap Craze

A few years ago, I was cleaning out our camp’s craft shop.  In the eclectic mix of crafty wonders, I  came upon some artwork done in the 60s.  It was burlap wall hangings with flowers painted on it.  I was intrigued, but little did I know that just a few years down the road it would become “all the rage” again!  (I also know an older couple – in their 90s- with burlap on their living room walls!  Do you suppose that’s coming back, too??)

Anyway, I, too have started to love the texture that burlap brings into things.  Here’s an idea I just found.

laced pillows

{photo from Pinterest…from}

Burlap laced on to a canvas pillow…Love it!

The Whisperwood Cottage is having a week of burlap starting today.  If you’re looking for some more burlap inspiration, I’m sure there will be lots there!

I’m joining in the party, too!

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