Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece

I feel like I’m far, far behind everyone else in blogland as far as Spring decor goes.  You’ve all been creating up a storm already…

But, I finally got my paints out and did something, too.

I’ve been admiring for ages all the fun things that can be done with Mason Jars, so I’ve been saving our Classico pasta sauce jars specifically for crafting.

Sarah from the Beach Cottage, just did a fun post on mason jar love,

mason jars


and Fox Hollow Cottage did a Spring Mantel that is the cutest (using mason jars and painted tin cans!).

clear mason jar

I combined the two ideas and came up with a Spring Centerpiece for our Dining Room.

mason jar centerpiece with words

It started with this narrow cupboard door that was given to me by a friend.

centerpiece board

Some mistint aqua paint gave it a complete new look, and a wash of white gave it a little extra patina.

Spring Centerpiece

While the aqua paint was drying, I painted some jars with 2 coats of white latex house paint.  I dried them with a blow dry in between coats, but honestly, it was a bit tricky to get the paint to look even.  {Perhaps I was too impatient for the paint to dry completely between coats??}

Once dry, I decorated the jars with scraps of burlap, white canvas, lace,  ribbon, and jute.

painted jars

The one that looks like a flower is actually just a knot with the ends tucked under…

mason jar with flower

Flowers in the yard are just starting to bloom, so I picked some daffodils and some yellow buds from a bush (I’m not sure what it’s called?) to fill the jars.

mason jar centerpiece 2

If you do decide to paint some jars yourself, keep in mind that this method of painting doesn’t make a permanent finish on your jars.  In fact, it will probably wash right off in water…

centerpiece on table

But, that could be a good thing.  If you don’t like them a particular color, you could always change it easily!Winking smile

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  1. Happy Easter, Rita. Love your sunny Spring table centerpiece. By the way,
    the yellow sprigs are from a forsythia bush. They are easy to force – you can
    cut branches earlier in the spring and bring them into the house. Putting them
    in water and the warmth of the house will give you blooms inside, even in February. Leaves too.


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