3 Ideas for Using Paint in Tabletop Decor

Have you ever had one of those weeks where your to do list was turned right on its head?  That’s been my week.  I’d hoped to have a whole bunch of painting projects finished by now, but alas, I haven’t had the time to even open the closet door, let alone reach for the paintbrush!!

Thankfully, I do have quite a few projects in the archive of this blog that fits the bill for today’s topic.  I just love how paint can take ordinary objects and turn them into something completely different!  Here’s a few centerpiece projects from the past:

painted jars

Painted Jars

Plain white house paint transformed these ordinary jars (some mason jars and some spaghetti sauce jars) into some of my all-time favorite decor items.  Add a little burlap, canvas fabric and ribbons and they’re ready to be sittin’ pretty!

painted flower box

Painted Flower Box

This poor, plain wooden box was just one cut-out heart away from being a totally 80s decor item.  (It was being used as a garbage can!)   A little pink paint, dark wood stain, and white lettering gave it a new exciting life!

painted cupboard door

Painted Cupboard Door Tray

Underneath the painted mason jar vases is another decor item I reach for often.  It started out as a plain, orphan little cupboard door.   A few coats of aqua blue mis-tint house paint made it shiny and new ~ a pop of pretty where ever it sits!  (I’ve since noticed how some people put handles on each end, making it even more “tray-like”.)

spring centerpieces |harbourbreezehome.com

I’m sure that some of you have used paint to transform ordinary things into extra-ordinary art, too.  What did you do??

Happy Painting!

Rita Joy

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