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The truth is, I’m not travelling anywhere soon ~ unless you count the trip I’m taking to my magical hairdresser this afternoon!:)

However, I realized that today’s outfit is actually my favorite travelling outfit.  I did, in fact, wear it on a trip to Alberta last month with my husband.

fashion over 40 travel outfit ps 1

In my humble opinion, the following three elements are required to make up the perfect travelling outfit:

  1. Comfort:  Choose comfortable pants and a shirt that fits well.
  2. Layers:  This is key!  If you layer up (I have on a tank top and long sleeve shirt under the sweater), you can always take off things if you get too hot!  And I love a nice, long sweater for airplane rides.  If it’s a little cool, I just take it off and use it like a blanket.  (The scarf can be taken off and bunched up to make a perfect pillow, too.)
  3. Bulk:  Wear the bulkiest items you’re taking to conserve room in your suitcase.  I like to take only a carry on, so I wear my bulkiest footwear on travel day.

Keep in mind that when you layer up like this, you need to be ready to be a quick change artist in the airport security line.  I got mighty quick at whipping off the scarf, sweater, belt, boots, and bracelets.  I figure it’s always good to get a little extra exercise in!  ha!:)

Although it’s not really part of the outfit, I also wanted to share with you my new (and very favorite!) laptop bag.

lap top bag

I bought it in a hurry the day before we left (at Staples).  I had to make a decision fast and chose to upgrade $20 from the very cheapest bag I could find to get this one…and it was so worth it!  You can fit a ton of stuff in it, and it even has a strap on the back to hook over the carry on handle.

edited to add: Here is the link to the laptop bag.

Now, do share what kind of clothes you like to travel in…  Stilettos and a dress?  PJs?…

Have a great day, Pretty Ladies!

Rita Joy

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  1. Layers for sure and a “purse” that is big enough to hold my real purse plus whatever else doesn’t fit in my carryon suitcase.

  2. Great post and lovely bag! I love the pop of colour in your scarf (where’s it from?). I agree – wear layers (especially in the summer as air conditioning may be too cold), your heaviest shoes/boots, casual clothes (as you are often sitting for long periods of time in either a car or plane) and I too take a large purse and put my smaller purse inside, along with my ipad.
    Heather B. in Ontario

  3. Heather B., I got my scarf on a clearance rack at RW & Co. It is lightweight with a little shimmer of gold in it, and I love it! I’ve had it for quite some time now, so I don’t know if they’d still be selling it. After lots of trial and error, I’ve discovered I like scarves that are long and not too bulky. Some feel like they are trying to overtake what little neckspace I have!:)

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