What I Wore ~ Fashion over 40

I remember when ankle boots first came out.  I thought they were the strangest things ever…

But, I guess after seeing thousands of outfits with them, I began to get used to their look, and decided I’d jump right in ~ with both feet!  (pun intended!)

fashion over 40 shabooties boots

I researched and researched “how to wear ankle boots”.  I discovered they are most often worn with skinny legged jeans or even dresses and skirts.

fashion over 40 shabooties

I’m into jeans these days, so that’s what I wear them with.   Simple and comfortable ~ that’s key for me.

I’ve also learned through my foray into fashion research that “half tucking” your shirt is the thing to do these days…

half tucked sweater

I’m trying to like it.  Really, I am.  But, in reality, I think it feels strange and it lasts about 3 seconds flat…

So, tell me, what kind of outfits are you enjoying these days?  Better yet, set up your tripod and take a picture of it and send it my way!

And, could you please pass on your secrets of how to take good pictures of yourself?  I find it incredibly tricky ~ especially in the focus department.  Yikes!  Maybe someday I should do a post on the “outtakes”…

Have a great day, Pretty Ladies!

Rita Joy

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  1. I’m with you, I had the hardest time getting used to the ankle boots. But now I really like them! This is a lovely outfit on you and I like the pattern mixing. Taking pictures is the hardest part – yours look great!

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