My Frock Box Experience ~ Canada’s Clothing Subscription Service

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Frock Box and contains an affiliate link. Which means, if you sign up for Frock Box and use the coupon code below, I will receive a little portion of income ~ at no extra cost to you. I will then squeal and give you a big ol’ thank you in my heart…;)

Don’t get me wrong. I love a big ol’ shopping trip.

Ask me to be on the lookout for bargain deals in the home decor department, and I’m your girl!

But, looking for a new outfit?

Woman standing wearing jeans, burgundy top, cream cardigan, and brown leather shoes

That’s not so easy for me…

I’ve been watching our neighbors in the States with their clothing subscription services, and longing for the day something similar would come to Canada.

I’m happy to report, it’s here. (Cue the trumpets tooting and angels singing…) Frock Box has arrived!

What is Frock Box?

Frock Box is a monthly clothing subscription service in Canada that picks out clothes just for you and mails them to your door.

Can you think of anything more decadent than having a personal shopper who makes all those decisions in the fashion department of your life?

How to get started with Frock Box:

Getting started with the Frock Box service is an easy and pleasant experience. (I just did it myself, so I can say that with experience under my very fashionable belt!;))

All you need to do to get started is go to their website here.  Choose and click on one of the 3 packages that sounds like what you’d like. I chose the “favorites”.

You will be directed to a series of questions that you simply answer one at a time, clicking “next” after each one.

The questions will be all about you and your style. They will range from the specifics of your size as well as the style of clothing you prefer. You will even have the option of linking up a Pinterest board of your style of clothes (like mine here) if you so choose.

What is the cost of Frock Box?

The details of the pricing is included in each description of the 3 packages. The package that I chose (“Favorites”) costs $24.95/ month for the styling fee with free shipping (and free return shipping).

However, if you were to sign up in the next 20 days and use my affiliate coupon code: HARBOURBREEZEHOME   ~ your styling fee for the first month is free!! (Isn’t that awesome! You can give it a test run for FREE!! I’m so excited for you…)

**Update: This affiliate link has now expired.

What do I receive in the Favorites Package?

The favorites package includes a variety of items that are intended to add a little trendy style into your wardrobe, keeping in mind the style profile you filled out at the beginning.

Clothes laid out on white background ~ a dress, leather flat shoes, jeans, blouse, and cardigan

I was thrilled at the 5 pieces I received ~ jeans, sleeveless top, cardigan, dress, and shoes.

How much do the clothes cost?

When you are filling out your questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to choose whether you want the cheapest items or a variety of pricing. The 5 pieces I received varied from $39-$79.

Brown leather cut out shoes like Joanna Gaines wears

What if I want to keep all the clothes?

If you fall in love with everything you get, you can keep them all. Your credit card will be charged the amount of the clothes minus the styling fee and 25% off!

If you decide to keep just one item, the styling fee will be deducted from the price of that item.

What if I want to send something back?

This is the beauty of Frock Box.  You’ll receive a return address label in the package. If you want to return one or all of the items, just slip it back in the mailer envelope, stick on the label and put it in the mail. Easy peasy.

If you want to see exactly what the package looks like, you can watch me unboxing it in this facebook live:

If you have any questions about frock box, don’t hesitate to contact them through their contacts on the website or social media. I’ve found them to be super helpful and friendly.

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  1. I’m trying it out! I’m super excited – this may be the answer to my shopping problems!! Here’s hoping!

  2. Thank you for this review!! I was just wishing for something like this, jealous of my SIL in Houston who gets to use an American service. I’m terrible at shopping for clothes & desperately need a wardrobe refresh!

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