The 10 Piece Fall Wardrobe from Old Navy

In this article: Updated in September 2020 with current links. Find how the 10 Piece Fall wardrobe from Old Navy works for a mix and match style!

I’ve long admired bloggers who do try-on sessions in fitting rooms and report back how things fit and look. I’ve learned a ton of helpful fashion tips that way, but never tried it myself – until just a few days ago.

My husband and I made the 1 1/2 hour drive to Old Navy on Labour Day Monday. I had a game plan carefully planned and a shopping list in hand. All that flew out the window when I saw the fitting room line was about 15 people deep!

As I approached the fitting room attendant with my shopping cart filled with dozens of items, she so sweetly said,

“Maam, you’re going to have to choose only 10 items to take in at a time.”


Oh, mercy. My heart started to race and my palms got sweaty. All I could think of was the people behind me in line rolling their eyes at how long I was going to take in that sought after fitting room!

I frantically picked out 10 items and tucked myself into the room.

Thankfully, all those first 10 items fit and I loved them. So, I never did get more items from my cart to try on. These worked just great…

The 10 Piece Fall Wardrobe from Old Navy

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**See the bottom of the post for updated links for Old Navy items available for Fall 2020.

A few years ago, I watched a life changing video about the 10 Piece Wardrobe. Adopted from the French approach to style, it is a mix and match approach to dressing. I love it!

If you are looking for casual style wardrobe pieces, this formula might be helpful to you. And, keep in mind, if mustard and deep rose aren’t your favorite colors, just pick ones that are.

Start with Jeans and a T-shirt

Old Navy Fall Dressing Room Try-ons - Mustard tank and jeans

Although I wanted to try out ALL the jeans that day, I only ended up with 2 pairs. These are the Mid-rise Rockstar Super Skinny jeans (Regular length, Size 6). They are too long for my 5 foot 1-1/2 inch frame, but I don’t mind rolling up my jeans or tucking them under.

I don’t normally wear sleeveless tops, but I figured this cute polka dot swing top would make a lovely layering piece under a sweater. It can be worn untucked or tucked (as shown later in pictures).

The brown mule shoes were an impulse pick from the shelf and I ended up absolutely LOVING them. They look great with every outfit.

Pick a Sweater in a Color you Love

Fall fashion ideas with Old Navy dressing room try on - jeans, mustard tank, rose sweater

I’m a big fan of layering a open front sweater for an outfit. Length of sweaters are definitely a preference thing, but even though I’m short, I love LONG sweaters! (This one is a small. I would probably size up to a medium just so it’s a bit more roomier.) Old Navy has a great selection of colored sweater options.

Look for a top with interesting drape and details

old navy dressing room try on for Fall Fashion ideas - jeans and mustard blouse

I always say that life is too short for boring tops!! I tend to keep a lookout for blouses that are interesting and fun. Since I am curvier on the top (ahem…), tops are always a challenge for me to find.

This pin tuck linen blend shirt was really cute and comfy. It is a bit low in the front, so I tried it with the tank top from the first picture. However, a nice camisole would work nicely, too. This particular shirt comes in a beautiful deep rose color, too, which I think would be beautiful.

(I’m wearing a Medium)
Find a patterned top with colors you love

Fall Fashion ideas with Old Navy - pink pixie pants, plaid shirt, and mustard vest

I fell in LOVE with the plaid tunic top and decided to try it with a pair of pink Pixie pants. It is a long shirt and really cute un-tucked as well. (Unfortunately, that picture turned out so blurry I can’t show it to you!)

I tried on a Medium. Although I really did like it, it tended to want to gap open at the bust area – a common problem I have with button down shirts.

The pixie pants are in a size 6 and were a bit long in the rise? But, they were really comfy! I have a pair of black pixie pants that I wear to work a lot. They come in a whole slew of colors and patterns, so pick one that you like.

I paired the plaid shirt with a puff vest – which I’m always a fan of. They, too, come in all sorts of colors.

Try a dress to help transition into a new season

Old Navy Fall Fashion collection | Mustard colored dress

I admit, this dress TOTALLY surprised me. Normally, I steer clear of anything with a defined waist band. But, this one had elastic in the back and I loved how the fabric draped nicely.

I loved how it was fully lined and slightly longer in the back. It was super comfortable, too.

Update for 2020: Rather than a dress, this year, I decided to try a black jumpsuit!

Pair a sleeveless dress with a sweater for cooler days

Pardon the blurry picture, but I wanted to show how a sleeveless dress could turn into a Fall wardrobe item. With just the addition of a long sweater, it’s ready for cooler day dressing.

Add a skirt for a bunch more outfit options!

And, finally, I tried on a corduroy skirt that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. This is described as a “mini skirt”, but on a short person like me, it’s not too mini!

Wouldn’t this be so cute with tights and tall boots? Or with that mustard vest instead of the sweater?

So, there you have it. 10 Fall wardrobe items from Old Navy that can be mixed and matched for a whole season of outfits!

Shopping Links for Fall Fashion at Old Navy 2020:


As styles change, all the options for the 10 piece Fall wardrobe from Old Navy are not all available at this time. However, I’ve put together links that are available now in Fall 2020. Just click on the arrow and item to be directed to the Old Navy site. Have fun shopping the sales!

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of choosing clothes for your Fall wardrobe?

I have been there many time, too!

The thing that helped me the most was a life-changing fashion course called Get Your Pretty On. It is now open for new members and I highly recommend it!

Read about how the Style Challenge gave me confidence in my own fashion style here. Or click the image below for the Fall 2020 Style Challenge Details.


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  1. You are becoming quite the fashion diva! Go you! Love the outfits you put together… How many pieces did you take home?

  2. Old navy is my fav store to shop at, being a credit card holder with Gap companies, i always enjoy shopping here. Things can b pretty affordable and they always have Sales for customers. Love it n enjoy shopping at old navy.

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