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Quick & Easy 5 Minute Fall Wreath

Create this quick and easy home decor Fall wreath in just 5 minutes!

I’m an impatient crafter with the attention span of a gnat.

Are you, too? 

Oh, good!,

Then, pull up a chair beside mine, and we’re going to make the quickest Fall Wreath you’ve ever heard of.;)

fall wreath on a front door

How to make the Quickest (and reusable) Fall Wreath Ever!;)


supplies needed to make a fall wreath with fake flowers

(I’ve included affiliate links to items that are similar to what I used for your shopping convenience.)

Since I’ve already confessed that I’m an impatient crafter, I’m also going to confess that when I buy new home decor for my house, I want to be able to reuse it over and over again in different ways. 

Take the artificial flowers you see in the supply list above, for instance.

Just a few days ago, they looked like this:

bouquet of fake fall flowers in a pitcher

I plopped them all together in a stoneware pitcher and made an arrangement for the living room. But, want to know a secret? (of course you do!)

I didn’t cut a thing. I just twisted those articial flower stems and wires around until everything stayed in the place I wanted it to – 

So that I could reuse those flowers again to make this wreath!


Step 1: Pull apart or cut the  artificial leaves into individual pieces or bunches.

Step 2: Push them into the grapevine wreath until they are secure

fake leaves being placed into a wreath base for an easy Fall wreath

Note that I don’t use any glue or additional wiring to adhere them to the wreath.

This allows me to quickly and easily remove the flowers from the wreath later and make a new seasonal wreath PLUS use the flowers next Fall in a different way!;)

Step 3: Keep layering the leaves (all pointing in the same direction) and then add the main flowers.

fake flowers and leaves being positioned onto a grapevine wreath base

As you are placing the flowers, hold the wreath up so you can see what it will look like when it’s hanging.

I found it helpful to actually hang it on the wall and arrange it that way.

Keep adding flowers until it looks done to you!

close up of the fake flowers on a fall wreath

I ended up not even using all the artificial flowers I had. Just a few additional little sprigs of greenery was all I thought it needed. Sometimes less is more when it comes to wreath making.

Fall wreath with fake flowers - sunflowers and fake fall leaves on a grapevine wreath base

Now, it’s all ready to hang on the front door and add some cozy Fall color to a brand new season – 

 in just 5 minutes!!

Fall wreath with fake flowers on an exterior front door

Tips for buying artificial greenery

Artificial greenery and faux flowers can get expensive super duper fast!

I like to shop for them when they are on sale. These were buy one get one free at Micheals – so they cost only $9.99.

Another thing to look for is to shop for them at the end of each season – which is often even better prices. I picked up a few new “Summer” artifical flowers at the same time for 70% off!

Turn this reusable wreath into a new look for a new season

I’ve been using this “cheater method” for wreath making for a while now.

This simple Spring wreath was the same method:

front door wreath with fake yellow flowers for Spring and Summer

If you want to hide the nifty magnetic wreath hanger for metal doors( that I love!), you could always tie a ribbon on the top, too.

For more Fall wreath ideas,

be sure to check out Shirley’s Fall wreath. She has been my partner in this week’s “All About Fall” series. Shirley is a passionate wreath maker (and makes incredible bows!) and has great ideas for you.

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  1. Thank you, for the fall wreath suggestion. I am going to take apart an old wreath and refigure it. Add a fewf new flowers and hang it on the door.

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