Ideas and Tips for Decorating with Pumpkins this Fall

In this article: Easy & creative ideas for decorating with pumpkins for Fall for striking displays – plus tips & tricks for best results.

I love to freshen up our home decor when a new season rolls around.

Decorating with pumpkins seems like one of the most obvious ways to inject a little Fall style in your space.

But, do you find it hard to know how to do it so it doesn’t look like pumpkins threw up all over the place? (tee hee)

Here are some quick and easy ideas & tips for decorating with pumpkins for Fall.

Decorating with pumpkins for Fall - Ideas, tips, & tricks

Ideas & Tips for Decorating with Pumpkins for Fall Decor

Easy ideas for decorating with pumpkins

1. Add fresh pumpkins to dresser decor

Pumpkins displayed on a dresser top for a Fall vinyette.

One of our local pumpkin patches sells the cutest little pumpkins in the fall. I like to pick up a variety of little and unique ones, and add them in to decor throughout the house. Grouping them together in groups of 3 add such a nice little Fall touch.

2. Add mini faux pumpkins to a boho tablescape

A table setting with a faux pumpkin sitting on top of the plate.

You can find small faux pumpkins online  or even at your local Dollar Store. Adding one to the top of a place setting makes a fun Fall touch. Or, you can sprinkle them down the center of the table.

3. Print off some free pumpkin printable wall art!

Free pumpkin printable watercolor art that says "pumpkin season"

Free printable wall art is one of my favorite and budget friendly home decor ideas. You can find all the details on this set of 2 printable watercolor pumpkin wall art images here.

Free printable art can be hung on the wall or set on a shelf to inject seasonal style into your space.

4. Set a pumpkin outside your front door, or line your front steps with them.

I love seeing pumpkins used in outdoor decor. If you live on a farm, you could even display them on hay bales. So cute!!

5. Take a family picture in a pumpkin patch and display it every Fall.

An assortment of pumpkins arranged with pine cones for a Fall display.

Tips for decorating with pumpkins for Fall

Where can I buy faux pumpkins?

Disclosure: the following links are affiliate links provided for your shopping convenience.

Faux pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes – just like the real ones do! Check your local Dollar Store, Micheals craft store, and Joannes fabric store for some options.

Here are some pumpkins I found on Amazon:

Although a bigger investment, faux ceramic pumpkins are a beautiful Fall decor option that can be used year after year. I found some stunning options available online. Click on the image and arrows below to see some options:

Of course, you can always be on the look-out for ceramic pumpkins while you are shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. You might be surprised what you discover?

How long do real pumpkins last as decor?

Decorating with real pumpkins really is fun! How long they last as decor, however, depends on a few different factors.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

Temperature affects the life span of fresh pumpkins

When pumpkins are kept in an area that is around 50 degrees farenheit with low humidity, they can last up to 3 months! So, if you want to use pumpkins outside your front door as decor, they will probably last longer than the ones used in the warmer indoors.

Choose pumpkins without holes or soft spots.

Soft spots and blemishes in pumpkins can indicate that they are starting to rot. Make sure they are firm all over, and wash them well when you get home. Bacteria on the pumpkin can speed up the rotting process. After you wash your pumpkins, make sure to dry them well before you display them.

Don’t forget to check on your (real) display pumpkins!

You just might get so used to having your cute pumpkins up as decor and forget that they are actually something that will disintegrate over time! (Been there, done that…)

Be sure to check on them every once in a while and dispose of them if you notice them softening. They smell terrible if they start to rot.;)

For more pumpkins ideas,

Be sure to head over to Shirley’s blog to see her ideas for decorating an entryway table with pumpkins for Fall. She and I are doing an All about Fall series this week!

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