Craft Room Progress

Yesterday I left you with the scary image of my basement laundry/ craft room.  {I hope none of you had nightmares!}  It looked like this:
studio before 2
This morning, it looks like this:
whole room
Hallelujah…  I can see the floor!  One of my most favourite things in life is the challenge of taking something that is utter chaos and making order out of it.  Yesterday was  good practice.:)
Throughout the process of sorting through a plethora of craft supplies, I ended up dividing the room into “zones”.  In reality, the three main craft things I do are paper crafts, painting, and sewing.  I tried to envision myself doing those things in that space, and then where to put the supplies for each that would be easily accessible.
I’m still working on the nitty gritty of some fun storage ideas.  The stamp pads are tricky…
ink pad storage
There has got to be some pretty solution to store those in…  Do you have any ideas?
I realized I was totally underusing my drawer space.  Ikea drawer dividers worked great.
I relocated a cheap storage unit from another closet and put it on either side of the sewing table.
sewing area It’s a great place to store larger items…and we have some other big ideas for this area.  I’ll show you if we can pull it off!;)
Now that the basic organization part is over, I’m excited to work on the fun stuff…  I’m going to start with that dreadful green wall.  I’m going to try to take the “dreadful” out of it…:)

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  1. You've been a busy woman! It's always such a good feeling when a room is organized again. I'd hate to show you my office after Christmas…it is a mess. If you'd like to see a storage solution for your ink. I did a post on a thrifty solution ~


    I wish I had a basement. We had one in our previous parsonage and I really miss it. You've made great progress with your room. Now you can have fun creating!

  2. It looks great so far. Creating a craft space is on my agenda too. Let's just say right now it looks similar to your basement. I too love looking for new storage ideas. I actually have my stamp pads and stamps tossed in a large glass jar. I don't have as much as you but I love looking at all of the colors.

  3. Hey Rita Looks Fabulous!!! We need to catch up. I gave Meg my phone# give me a call when you get a chance. I always follow your blog (and all the ones you link to!!!)

  4. Oh dear, can you work your magic on my craft room? Unfortunately it's a little tighter quarters than yours…about 6 by 8. I'm not sure I've actually worked in it for the last five years. I can't get in the door…I have to move all my stacks out in order to work on organizing and I get discouraged even thinking of that. Oh wait, I guess we added a 5th child about 5 years ago, there may be some correlation. Sigh. Can't have your cake and eat it too…

  5. This is the perfect before and after! I want to invite you to stop by my blog and participate in the "impossibility" challenge I am hosting with six other bloggers!

  6. Wow – is that the basement you are going to post to our Impossible Challenge? Fantastic job – Oh do I have a long road ahead of me! Jan 31 is right around the corner! So glad you are taking the challenge!

  7. wow! is what I say too! 🙂 How wonderful to have that space to craft! I recently made my basement into a "shop" and I'm wondering what took me so long!
    Love your space! (and that vintage table and chair!)
    thanks for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can!

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