Hunter Green No More

I remember when hunter green was all the rage.  I thought it looked rather nice in other people’s homes and the magazines…

But about 3 minutes after finishing up the hunter green wallpaper project on the entire lower half of our master bedroom, I realized the color really wasn’t for me.

Little did I know that one day I’d live in a home with hunter green trim…and a hunter green deck…and a hunter green door…and hunter green gutters on the garage…and a hunter green roof on the guest cabin in our yard…

It really hasn’t bothered me that much.  I just decided to ignore it.

Ignoring is no longer possible.

Yellow Marigold Front Door

See that poor old window on the right side of the picture?  Yep…it really needs some paint. Painting the trim of our whole house seems daunting and makes me want to cry.  A summer spent outside with my sisters painting our farm’s old barn doesn’t bring back happy memories.  (Except for the laughing fits every now and then.)

The prep work on old painted, dried out bare wood is not my idea of fun…

I decided that if I had to put so much work into painting the trim, I wanted to at least end up with a color that I liked!

I went to our local Benjamin Moore store and talked to my favorite paint lady.  I showed her pictures and described my hunter green dilemma.

Do you have any other color suggestions that might work?

She had an idea with swatches in hand within minutes.  (That’s why I love her so!!)

I forced myself to take them home first just to check to make sure they looked right in the natural light, and then went back and bought them.

She warned me that the prep work was critical, and , “Missy, you must not skip a step!“, she warned me…

I agreed with her wholeheartedly and decided to start with a part of the project that I could finish in a weekend…

The front door!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you the rest of the story…!

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