Ikea’s Billy Bookcase System

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I’m a late starter to this event since we just moved into a townhouse a few weeks ago. I’ve been working hard on the first room makeover of this new home ~ the Living/Dining/Entryway Room. If you’d like to read the story unfold with all the befores and progress, you can catch up on the posts here:

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

Now it’s week 4, and I’m finally catching up to the rest of the participants. Phew!


One of the main challenges of downsizing is storage space. There’ve been moments in the unpacking process where I’ve felt very overwhelmed and discouraged.

Where in the world was I going to put all. the. things?

Since we first viewed the townhouse, I’ve been pondering the big wall in the Living Room area where the tv sits.

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system

The Entryway closet forms a bit of an alcove there, and I’ve been wondering about adding in some sort of floor to ceiling shelving system in that area.

I had ideas gallore, but the reality of budget curbs many of them…

I was feeling quite discouraged before going on a little shopping trip to Ikea.

Walking into their showroom was a turning point for me.

Bless Ikea’s sweet Swedish heart.

It is genius at small space storage. Not only is it extremely practical, it’s pretty, too!

It was there that I met Billy…

and fell in love.

Billy’s a bookcase, and the answer to my storage woes.

The Billy Bookcase system has many different components that can be mixed and matched to customize your specific needs. It comes tall:

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system

It comes short.

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system

Doors are sold seperately that fit each model, if you choose.

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system

Some doors have glass. Some are solid. They come in a variety of colors, and the price is so reasonable!

We had an great idea, but discovered the tall Billys just wouldn’t fit in our car.

Instead, we came home with two short Billys and 4 doors.

It know this is going to sound dramatic, but honestly, they completely changed my outlook on life ~ and made me realize this little townhouse can feel like home!


Ikea's Billy Bookcase system

(After…with the Billys!:)):

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system

Not only was I able to finish unpacking boxes since I finally had a place to put things, but they also helped our lighting dilemma!

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system

Placing  lamps in front of mirrors bounces the light around the room and makes it feel so much brighter and cheerier.

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system

Hmm…These just might not be the last Billys you see in this house…

{Just FYI, I wasn’t compensated in any way, shape, or form by Ikea for promoting their amazing, life changing Billy bookcases. I am just so thrilled to discover them…and discovered I can also assemble them all by myself!}

One Room Challenge To Do List:

  1. Change out light fixtures. (One done, one to go.)
  2. Paint the bizarre brown racing stripe around the perimeter of the room’s ceiling out.
  3. Paint out the dreadfully dark builder’s beige color.
  4. Add some feature walls of interest in the Dining Room space.
  5. Figure out storage space solutions.
  6. Re-design the entryway closet to function better and have a little style.
  7. Hang up art
  8. Find lighting solutions to brighten up the room during the day and night.
  9. Start shopping for a new couch/ new chairs?  (This may just be a dream…)
  10. New rug?

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system shown at harbourbreezehome


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  1. Wow! They look sharp AND they’re so functional. I love them in your space. I’ve been to IKEA once and would love to go again. You’re doing such a great job, Rita. I know if hubby and I downsize, I’ll be coming back to your blog posts for ideas.

  2. Thanks goodness for the Ikeas storage units. We have started using this furniture and it has saved the day for us. I love the versatility, (in height, width, with doors, without, with glass doors, you name it). It is worth the trip. Excited for you Rita. Enjoy this season and your stay at the Settling Inn! HB

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