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Gallery Walls

I first heard of gallery walls when Shelley from the House of Smiths did one.


I fell in love with the whole look…{especially that aqua and yellow!}.  Shelley even did a whole post on the “how tos” of putting together a gallery wall.

Gallery walls are a great solution if you have a big, empty wall to fill.  Grouping together a bunch of items makes it appear like one large impact piece.


I also love how people do this with collections of mirrors,


…and this one added in some neat typography!

Source: lilluna.com via Rita on Pinterest


I did a simple variation of a gallery wall in our Living Room.  Although I’d like to add a little more to it someday (perhaps some of those cool vinyl words??), it filled up a large space, and manages to camouflage a strange “pass through window”.  (Can you find it??  tee hee)

gallery wall

If you’re stuck with how to put together gallery wall arrangement, Pinterest even brought this handy dandy guide to my attention:


{ I can’t find the original source of that chart.  However, the blog post it came from was a great one with awesome decor “cheat sheets” ~ Honey & Fitz}

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