Easy Boho Peg Rail Shelf

Say goodbye to boring walls and hello to chic boho vibes with our budget-friendly Boho Wall Shelf featuring pegs for added functionality. Discover how a touch of creativity and a few easy-to-find materials can turn your bare walls into a trendy focal point.

Putting together a dramatically downsized home is like piecing together an intricate puzzle.

I’ve learned that it takes time, patience, and a lot of experimentation!

This wall in our master bedroom was a particularly difficult piece.

A plain looking wall with a dresser with art above it.

It’s opposite our bed, and the door leads to the bathroom.

We quickly learned that placing my antique cedar chest at the end of our bed was going to mean broken toes in our future. It had to go.

We tried putting a cute sitting area in the corner. Oh, how I loved to sit there to read in the morning.

But, it jutted too far out in the room, too.

Then, we tried this antique dresser.

A Wood dresser with artwork above it.

Like Goldilocks’s bed, it was just right!

It fits and functions just perfectly in that teeny tiny space.

But, then, I needed to figure out how to jazz up the wall behind it.

Here’s what we did:

A boho shelf with pegs on a bedroom wall styled with boho style decor and plants

Modern Peg Rail Shelf & Farmhouse Style Trim

Add interest to a boring wall by adding a boho shelf with pegs.

One long 1×3 board cut in half was turned into a shelf ledge with a peg rail.

A man installing a boho shelf with peg rail shelf  under it.

Once hung on the wall, it’s the perfect perch for DIY boho art and plants.

A Boho shelf with pegs with boho art above and plants on the shelf

It gives interest and height and doesn’t make the already small room feel smaller.

A basket with a handle hanging on one of the pegs of a boho shelf with peg rail underneath.

The pegs offer a whole bunch of decorating possibilities, but for now I’ve hung a basket with faux greenery and a scarf with tassels. It seems to fit the Modern Farmhouse Boho style we were going for.

For more simple DIY shelf ideas, check out these:

A boho shelf  with peds styled with boho art above it, a dresser below it, and a door leading to a bathroom beside it.

Adding custom trim adds interest and style to a room

The boring bathroom door got a face lift with the same craftsman style trim treatment that we used for our hallway makeover.

We love the big difference those small changes made.

Cost of these projects:

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’re trying to do this room makeover using up as many supplies we already have on hand as possible. I had a whole collection of wooden pegs that were the inspiration for the peg shelf. But we did have to buy some wood for the shelf and the trim. Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Wood for peg shelf – $10.00
  • Additional wood for trim for 2 doors (we also did the main bedroom door) – $20
  • Paint – We had left over from previous projects

Boho Bedroom Makeover

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  1. I love that antique dresser! I’m always a sucker for furniture with keyholes:) And your DIY pegboard will make a great place to change out cute vignettes. Looking forward to your room reveal!

  2. Hello! This looks great! I am making a leg rail shelf for our bedroom. How high did you hang this? Thank you so much!

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