How to Hang Large Objects on a Wall

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find the final steps of a project tricky.

Take, for instance, the hanging of our new chalk painted old window.

The actual painting of it was quite simple and easy.  But then we had to figure out how to attach its VERY heavy self to the wall.

Thankfully, a few years ago, my husband discovered this nifty little trick.  We’ve been using it ever since.

how to hang large objects with words

First, he cuts a strip of wood the length of the object.   He then slices it in the middle at a 45 degree angle with a table saw.


I must confess, I really don’t understand how “cut at a 45” is done.  If you want details on that, I’m sure I can go up to the shop and have a lesson and take pictures along the way…

But, in our case, he just does it, walks in the door with it, and we go on our merry way…

The top piece is then predrilled

pre-drill holes

and screwed down to the top of the object being hung.


The bottom piece is screwed to the wall.

attach bottom piece to wall

There are two important points to this step.  First, make sure the bottom piece is pointing the right direction.  We did a trial run to make sure everything lined up before we started attaching it to the wall.  And secondly, you must make sure that this piece is screwed into the studs of the wall.  (This is when a “map” of your walls is helpful!)  If this piece is not attached securely to the studs, your object is sure and certain to come crashing down!!

Once those things are done, slide the object down so the top board hits the bottom board.

slide object down

The 45 degree angle in the board will “lock” into place and be very secure on your wall.

And voila!  It’s now safe and secure on the wall…

hung window

{and begging to be accessorized!!}

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