How to Hang a Picture with 2 Hangers on Drywall

This life hack will blow your mind! It’s the easiest trick ever to hang a picture on drywall – even when it has 2 hangers on the back!

I was beyond excited when I discovered this super easy trick to picture hanging 

That life hack works great for a picture with one hanger on the back. But, what about  larger pictures with 2 hangers spaced far apart? I used to groan when I found the perfect art, but saw it had the dreaded 2 sawtooth hangers hanging system.

Well, let me tell you. I was over the moon excited when I discovered a handy dandy trick for them on drywall, too! No more measuring and measuring only to have one nail slightly out of place! (Grrr….)

Let me tell you, this trick will save you tons of time and frustration!

A collage with the pictures of the steps for how to hang a picture with 2 sawtooth hangers.

The Easiest Way Ever to Hang a Picture on Drywall (when it has 2 hangers on the back)

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Supplies You’ll Need:

Hammer, painters tape, nails and level - supplies needed to hang a picture with 2 sawtooth hangers in drywall.

Step 1: Position a piece of painters tape across the top of the frame, covering the sawtooth hangers.

Painters tape laid across the top of a picture with 2 holes in the spot where the hangers need to be placed.

Make sure it is straight with the top edge of the picture.

Step 2: Using a nail, poke a hole where you would like the nails to be positioned on the hangers.

I use the exact center of each saw-tooth hanger. (You can see the holes I poked into the painters tape in the picture above.)

Step 3: Find the center of the picture and center of the painters tape, and mark it with a pencil.

Hold the picture up to the wall at the height you desire, and lightly mark the center point on the wall with your pencil.

A picture being held up to a white wall with a person marking the center placement with a pencil.

Step 4: Remove the painters tape from the back of the picture and match up the center with the center mark you just placed on the wall.

Use a level to ensure the painters tape is straight and level.

A woman holding a level at the top of a piece of painters tape with markings for hanging a picture with 2 sawtooth hangers.

Step 5: Nail a 1 inch panel nail into each hole you created in the painters tape.

**Important Note: If the picture or object you’re hanging is heavy, you will need to use a sturdier fastening system than these 1 inch nails. For heavy objects in drywall, I recommend using a drywall anchor and screw system.

Lady hammering a nail into the wall for how to hang a picture with 2 sawtooth hangers.

Step 6: Remove the tape from the wall and hang up your picture!

Lady placing a piece of wall art on the wall.

You will be amazed how quick and easy this method is for hanging large art with 2 hangers on the back!

DIY Large Wall Art:

Painting of a mountain scene in color block modern art method.

The picture that I hung as an example here is part of our Master Bedroom makeover that we’re working on. It’s actually a really easy DIY artwork project that I’ll give you all the details for soon. But, in the meantime, here are some other DIY large wall art ideas that might interest you:

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  1. Wouldn’t the sticky side of tape have to face away from the back of the picture/frame? Otherwise you’d get a reverse image/measurement of the sawtooth hangers position when you removed the tape and stuck it on the wall? Unless both hangers are positioned exactly same position (ie same distance from center). Brilliant idea, though!

  2. Thank you! I can finally stop avoiding buying pictures, etc. with 2 hangers! My walls always looked as though there was a shoot out!

  3. This caught my eye because I’ve been procrastinating about hanging some frames due to the two hangers! Thanks you! Pinned!

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