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Brighten up a Bare Wall with this Free Printable Art

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Add interest to a bare wall with this DIY large wall art project using free printable art. This cheery watercolor floral design could work in a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

When I was working on our Spring dining room centerpiece and decor this year, the color yellow was my inspiration.

Along with the printable yellow floral place cards, I wanted to add in some art.

This DIY Large Wall art was the end result of trying out a new technique with a large scale free printable. It was the perfect, budget friendly solution!

large free printable watercolor floral hung on a wall in a DIY wood frame

DIY Large Wall Art Project with Free Printable Art

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The main event of this DIY wall decor project is this free watercolor floral art print.

How to print off the large scale free printable art at Staples

As opposed to many of the other free printable art that have been featured in the past (like this set of farmhouse sign printables), this printable has been designed as a large size and cannot be printed on a home computer.

But, the steps to print it at your local office supply store (like Staples) is easy! Here’s how:

1.Enter the Free printables library and click on the link for the free watercolor floral printable.

If you aren’t a VIP newsletter subscriber yet, and would like to unlock the vault of designs of the printable library, click on the button below.

2.The link will open up a PDF file in Google Drive.

3.Insert a memory stick into your computer, and click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the PDF file to download.

4.Download the free printable PDF onto your memory stick.

Take note of the title of the free printable as it will appear on your memory stick. It is titled “Large Art Floral Print”. The dimensions of it are 16 by 20 inches.

5. Take the memory stick to your local office print store (like Staples or Office Depot), and ask them to print it off as a colored engineer print.

An engineer print is a large scale print printed on paper that is thin – like normal computer paper. Engineer prints used to only be done in black and white, but now are offered in color.

(*Note: I’ve heard that some print stores no longer offer color engineer prints. Inquire at your local shop as to what they do.)

Engineer prints are a much more affordable option compared to others. This engineer print only cost $5.99 Canadian.

To see another way to frame an engineer print, click here.

Once you print off the art, you could easily just put it in a 16 x 20 inch frame. This one is a really nice option.

But, since I wanted to put it in our DIY Poster frame, I needed to mount it on a firm backing before putting it in the frame.

How to Mount a Free Printable Engineer Print on Poster Board for a Simple DIY Frame

Supplies needed:

1.Center the frame onto the printable art and trace around the edge with a pencil.

2.Leaving a 1 inch margin larger around each side, cut out the print.

3.Lay the frame on the poster board, trace around it, and cut it the same size as the frame.

4.Spray a thin layer of repositonable spray onto the poster board.

Be sure to protect your surface with a drop cloth of some sort. The over spray makes everything sticky!

Carefully lay the print onto the sticky poster board, print side up. Make sure it is centered the way you like it. Press down firmly and turn it over.

5.Clip the corners of the overlapping paper in a diagonal.

6.Fold the paper tight around the poster board on all sides and tape down with the packing tape.

7.Staple the art to the back of the frame with a staple in each corner.

8.Attach a sawtooth hanger to the top middle of the frame.

Looking for some more free printable art? Check out these options:


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  1. This is beautiful, Rita! You design the prettiest printables and your framing method works so well with them.

    My local stores don’t offer color engineering prints so instead, I have used CVS photos, poster sized.

    1. Thank you so much, Paula.
      I was so surprised to discover our local Staples now does engineer prints. They didn’t for the longest time, but we could send away to have them done. I always get so excited when I discover another affordable decor option!!

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