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How to Make Spring Throw Pillows in Under 10 Minutes Using Free Printables

Learn how to make Spring throw pillows in under 10 minutes using free printables. This project is quick, easy, and budget friendly!

Last week, I got bit by the Spring bug. You know, the one that makes you want to clean all the things and make the house fresh and pretty again!

I cleaned and swept and rearranged and got to the part where you fluff the pillows on the couch.

I needed something new to fluff.

But, alas, I just couldn’t find anything I wanted in town. AND, now that we’ve downsized dramatically, I decided I only want to use pillow covers from now on. I just don’t have room for 4 seasons of pillows in my limited storage space!

So, I put my creative on and tried to figure out how to make some. Here’s what I came up with.

How to Make Spring Throw Pillows using free printables

How to Make Spring Throw Pillows in Under 10 Minutes using Free Printables

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

Supplies Needed

  • Avery Iron On Transfers (I used Avery Iron on Transfers for dark fabric #3279)
  • Printer (This is ours)
  • White Pillow Covers – (I got 2 20 x 20 inch Ikea “Gurli” pillow covers for $4.99 at the store, but you can find it here. I’m not sure why it’s so much more expensive online?)
  • Iron
  • Free Printables (Become a VIP and get access to my whole free printables library!)

Print off free printables using the Avery transfer paper

a graphic printed on Avery iron on transfer paper coming out of a Canon pixma printer

Using your home printer, print off the design of choice using the Avery iron on transfer paper.

I had fun putting together a set of potted plant free printables with this project in mind.  You can access it and all the other free printables in the VIP Printable Resource Library by clicking here. (If you’re not a VIP yet, click here to become one!!)

free watercolor potted plants printables

Trim and peel

watercolor potted plant graphic printed on Avery iron on transfer paper

Trim closely around the edge of the design so that there isn’t much white showing. You will want it to blend well into the pillow.

Once trimmed, peel off the backing paper. I found this very challenging, until I read that you just need to tear a bit of the edge to get it started. Once I did that, it peeled off fine.

Heat set the transfer

iron on a heat transfer graphic printed from a home computer

Following the manufacturer’s directions, use a hard surface with a pillowcase underneath (not an ironing board!) to iron on the transfer. Set the iron on high heat setting and make sure the steam is turned off.

Iron out all the wrinkles from the pillow cover and center the transfer onto the middle of the pillow.

Place the transfer setting tissue paper on top of the transfer, and press down firmly on the design, moving the iron slowly over the whole design. I kept the heat on these transfers for about 2 minutes.

Let it cool

How to use iron on transfers from Avery to make home decor pillow covers

Once the design has been heated for the recommended time, lift off the iron and let it cool for about 2 minutes.

how to use Avery iron on transfers for Spring throw pillows

Then, peel it off and enjoy your masterpiece!

Gallery wall with free watercolor plant printables and pillows made with Avery iron on transfers

This quick and easy method could be used with any free printables you can find online. I’ve done free printable round-ups for all season. Here they are:

I’ve recently added some other new Spring printable sets into my VIP printable resource library, too, so you can access both of the sets below by becoming a VIP here.

Free Spring Printables
Free Chalkboard Printables for Spring

Oh, the possibilities…

Spring Throw Pillows that you can make yourself!

Now that I’ve discovered this super fun and easy transfer method using iron on transfers, I’ve been thinking that this would be great for other projects, too! Like:

  • Canvas shopping bags
  • Table runners
  • T-shirts
  • Dishtowels

Other couch pillow projects you may want to try:


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  1. What a super cute idea! Thanks for sharing, Rita. I really like the plants you chose. They’re definitely giving me all the Spring feels! 🙂 Hugs!

  2. You’ve got me singing, “A whole new world…!” Thanks for this great idea! I offer free printables, too, and I never realized I could turn them into transfers on my home computer! Brilliant! I also love your potted plant ones, BTW. Popped over from Homestyle Gathering:)

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