31 Days of Craft Fair Preparations

When I was first introduced to the world of blogs, I discovered a delightful and most helpful series called 31 Days to a Better Photo at Life With My 3 Boybarians site.  When I got my new camera, I devoured her information and have referred back to it many times.

This year, a group of bloggers are again doing “31 Days” series and have invited anyone interested in joining in.  You can find a list of them here.

I’ve pondered what in the world I could write about for 31 Days straight.  The other day it came to me…

31 days button

Since this is what I’m currently working on, I thought I’d bring you along through the process.  I’m not going to lie…  This is a big challenge for me.  I’ve never posted 31 days in a row, so I’m not making any promises, but I’ll sure give it a whirl.

The purpose of this series is two-fold:

  1. To give tips for those of you who may be interested in doing craft fairs (or local farmer’s markets).
  2. To provide  DIYers with lots of gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. Some things will be done in tutorial style.  Others just may be pictures and descriptions.

**Please note this disclaimer:  I am by no means a “professional craft-fairer”.  The information I give you will be my opinion only and certainly does not “guarantee” success.  In fact, I’m sure many of you have things you could teach me! {Do tell!}

This series will begin on October 1st.  Hope to see you then!

Linking to:  Life With my 3 Boybarians

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One Comment

  1. Lately I've had trouble posting once every week… heck, my last blog post was 3 weeks ago I think! I'm bad. Yep.

    But that's me; I'm a good procrastonator 😉

    I'm sure you can pull this off though! They don't have to be big posts… just wee updates on what you've done in a day to prepare. I'll drop by from time-to-time to see how you're doing.
    Good luck!
    P.S. Looking forward to seeing what you make for the fair!

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