Take-Away Lessons from {an Amazing!} Photography Class

Last weekend I had the privilege of taking a photography class from this incredibly gifted mother- daughter duo:

karen and sharron ps

Karen (on the left) is an amazing portrait photographer whose work I’ve admired for years.  You can see some of her images on her business website McKinnon Photography.  I was just introduced to her mom, Sharron, and her work this weekend.  She is a professional landscape photographer who has travelled the world for breath-takingly beautiful images. (Sadly, she has no website right now, but she teaches many courses all over the place…)

I was blessed by them.  Not just for their amazing knowledge of all things photography, but also for the fact that they taught it together.  Sharron passed on her passion for photography to her daughter, who began pursuing photography as a 5th grader!  Watching them teach together touched my heart…and made me even tear up a bit.  I’m sentimental that way…

I walked away with a notebook full of information and a mind racing with things to work on.  I can’t begin to summarize it quickly…

But, yesterday, I had coffee with my friend Rhonda.  She has a camera similar to mine and she wanted to know what I learned this weekend.

Trying to summarize it all made me realize a few things…

  1. I can’t explain aperture and shutter speed well.  I’m just beginning to catch on myself.  I, perhaps, shouldn’t try to teach it yet…
  2. I am crazy passionate about photography.  I just perhaps might drive people crazy with my enthusiasm.  {Did I drive you crazy, Rhonda?}

As we talked away, I suddenly said,

“Well, let’s do it!  Let’s take some pictures right now!”

…I’m not sure if her enthusiasm matched mine, but she was game…

When I walked into her house I noticed this pumpkin right away.


I’m currently in love with these white symbols of fall, and decided it would be the perfect star of our impromptu photo shoot.

As I fiddled around with the pumpkin – moving it from here to there to get the “right” light  and looking for fun props…

pumpkin and chalkboard

…and adding in more props…

pumpkin and canning jars ps

…and snapping picture after picture as time marched on…{Thankfully, photography doesn’t have to be a “speed” exercise!  If it were, I’m afraid I would cross the finish line late in the game…}

I realized that this was my take away lesson from the weekend course.

Photography is about trying and trying.  I will probably take many, many pictures before I first get the one I want…

sunflowers1 ps

But, I think that’s the point.  Experiment.  Have fun.  Read and learn always.  Practice and practice.

…And I’m hoping – eventually – I’ll understand aperture, shutter speed, and “the perfect light” better.  They promised me that at some point, the “ah ha” moment happens!

Until then, I need to just take the pictures!

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  1. Isn't that the truth!! Photography is so much trial and error but so rewarding when you finally see on your screen what you saw in your mind. Or… maybe you'll find something you didn't expect… that can be even more rewarding. So glad you're obsessed too!! 🙂

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