Driftwood Decor Inspired by Pottery Barn

Turn pieces of driftwood into decor with this idea inspired by Pottery Barn.

Since there is an abundance of drift wood where we live, I sometimes like to try to create my own driftwood decor. Driftwood crafts are so much fun – and they can save a lot of money, too!

Turn Driftwood into Driftwood Decor!

Take these two hunks of driftwood beauty, for instance…

hunks of driftwood

I wanted these pieces to be something that could sit in a bookcase or on a shelf and look “nautical-like”.

I used Pottery Barn’s front cover as inspiration for the first one.

pb catalog

Pardon the picture of my actual Pottery Barn catalogue…. See that sign in the upper right hand corner? I like it.

So, driftwood hunk #1 became this:

dock number wood

I have absolutely no idea what those numbers with the letter underneath mean. I just think it looks neat. I like to imagine that perhaps it is a dock number of a very beautiful yacht…

The next one I wanted to look sort of like the markings on a sail. Here’s how it turned out:

sail wood

I may also, perhaps, accessorize these two beauties with some boat cleats and rope… They would also be neat with a big ol’ hole drilled into the top to fit a tea light in. The possibilities are quite endless!

How to paint on driftwood to create decor

  1. Clean and disinfect the driftwood by following these steps for how to clean driftwood.
  2. Follow the steps on this post for decorative painting on signs to get instruction on how to seal the wood with stain, base coat it with acrylic paint, transfer the design, and paint the design.

Other Driftwood Decor Ideas:

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