Driftwood “Lake House” Sign

skinny driftwood

One of the most common usages for driftwood in decor is signs. I, too, like to make signs out of it. As I choose wood to use, I look for pieces that are smooth and flat on both sides and relatively lightweight.

This time, I laid all the pieces out on the table first to decide what I would do with each of them. I tried to envision what each one would say and what colors to do them in. I then measured each one and marked the details on a post-it note. I found this process was much more efficient than the “one at a time” method.

driftwood on table ps

Today’s sign is one of the larger ones I’ve done. I can envision it perhaps above a doorway…or nestled in a bookcase…



Presenting… “The Lake House” done in my new favourite font, aptly named “Pottery Barn” ~ go figure!

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  1. Hi I like your signs. You may be interested in my blog at saltandwood@wordpress.com

    Items crafted from driftwood and street found timber around Sydney (Australia). Also a category for sail boats crafted from flotsam on the beach.


  2. OK, maybe I’ve missed it, but I’ve looked at several of your posts about your handmade signs, which are gorgeous by the way. And I’ve not seen anywhere HOW to do the hand lettering. i know you have to hand paint the letters, but how do you get them on the wood? Do you ‘free hand’ write them on in pencil? I don’t think so, as you mentions a certain font or fonts. How do you transfer the fonts/letters to the wood? Carbon paper? (I’m the one who emailed you from England.)

  3. Hi, your site is wonderful. Do you have any of The Lake House signs for sale as pictured? Thank you. 🙂

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