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I like to make lists.  I love to sit and plot and plan and dream and scheme.  The process ~ for me ~ always begins with a pen and paper.  I’m unashamedly old-school in that department.

brainstorm with pen 

Earlier this year, I started doing more research on the business of blogging.  Although my job in the camp kitchen is quite demanding, I wanted to somehow figure out how to carry on blogging on a regular basis.

Everything I read said you need to have a plan!  So, I decided to follow the advice and even made a blog organization binder to help in that department.

3 yearly calendars

I printed off 3 separate yearly calendars (a separate one for each of the blogs I write on),

3 dividers

3 pretty divider pages,

cut apart paint strips

And made divider labels out of paint chip strips (thus making use of some things I just had lying around!)

blog post organizer

A little glue, a few hole punches, and they were all ready to go into their new binder homes.

I thought a plan like this would certainly help me get all my lofty blog plans in order.

blog organization binders with words  

All was going swimmingly until a few days ago.  Unexpected “to do” things popped up, and I didn’t have any time to get to my blog posts!

So, if you think this simple little organizer binder will guarantee success in the blogging department, I’m sorry to let you down…

But, I must say, when you finally have a chance to sit down and plot and plan and dream and scheme (like I am today), it sure comes in handy!!

I have some fun ideas for February here on this little blog…

What are you plottin’ up for this month?

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