Camp Craft Round-Up

You’d think that after 21 years of working at a camp, I would be more prepared for summer.  But, alas, it always seems to sneak up on me…

What??  July is only a week away??

Our first camp starts in a few days, and my mind’s been going a hundred different directions.  One thing I needed to finalize was the crafts for the kids this summer.  I have a few new ideas to try, but thought that I would round up the ideas we used around here last year.  You can click on the links under the pictures to get all the details.


headband ps

Jersey Knit Headbands with Fabric Flowers


bracelets 2 ps

Jersey Knit Bracelets


watercolor art

Watercolor Art


Washer Necklaces

They all seemed to work out well, but I think the washer necklaces were the biggest hit.

Now it’s your turn.  What are your favorite crafts (for kids or adults) at camp?

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