A Day to Remember {Joel’s Grad}

We did it!

family pic at grad

On Saturday, we got son number 2 all graduated.  It’s still a little hard to wrap our minds around.  The day turned out to be perfect weather wise, and things seemed to go without too many catastrophes.

Since I spent a few days showing you the process of decorating the school gym in an “Old England” theme for the grad banquet, I thought you’d like to see the final pictures of how it turned out.

whole room

It really was pretty with all the sparkling lights.

toward photo corner

A corner area was set up as a place for the photographer to take family pictures with the grads.

photo corner

We also were well protected…

guard tower

The table centerpieces had pictures of the grads, so each family knew where to sit.

table centerpieces

The washroom doors were also cleverly disguised to fit the theme.

disguised washrooms

One of the grads and her dad built a beautiful phone booth to add some interest to the space.

telephone booth

I thought it turned out beautiful.

punch table

The punch table was a busy place throughout the (long!) evening…


I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember a single thing the speaker talked about at my own graduation.  But, I found myself learning something very important at Joel’s.  The speaker was one of our boys’ favorite teachers.

grad ceremony

“Be people of extremes,” he said.

“Be hot or cold.”

He went on to explain that “hot” is like a soothing, healing hot springs and “cold” is like a fresh, clear, refreshing mountain spring.

May our words and actions be healing or refreshing

I love that…


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  1. I love how you are perfectly sandwiched between your boys…Everything looked lovely… Congratulations to all. We have graduated 2 and have 1 more to go in 2015.

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