25 Things ~ The Summer Instagram Edition

Summer Favorites

1.I recently decided to join the world of Instagram @harbourbreeze.

2.Since I didn’t have a hot clue as to how to use it, I read articles and articles on it.

3.Of course, I want to use it to grow this little blog business of mine, but obviously, there’s an art to it.

4.I haven’t hit a sweet spot of routine with it yet.

5.I know it’s supposed to look really appealing and pretty and look like your “brand”.

6.Oh, goodness! So much pressure! 🙂

7.In an effort to try to do it “right” and not look like a total Instagram fool, I stress about posting my pictures on it half the time.

8.After all, do they really fit my “brand”?

9.(Can you say, “overthinking it”?)

10.As I perused my Ipad’s photo section the other day, I realized I had lots of great Summer pictures stored that I should have put on Instagram.

11.But, alas, it seems the window of opportunity has passed and it would be just strange to post them now.

12.So, instead, I’ll share them here as some of my favorite Summer memories so far ~

lavender plants

13.I went to a local Lavender Farm with a friend a few weeks ago.

Field of Lavendar

14. A whole huge garden full of the pretty purple flower is so beautiful.

Lavender Bundles

15.There was even someone there cutting it and tying it into the perfect little bundles.

Bridal Shower Decor

16. There were also cute little bundles of flowers at the sweet garden bridal shower I recently attended.

Bridal Shower Refreshments

17. With all the pretty decorations, games, and amazing food, it was like walking into real life Pinterest!:)

Summer Salad

18. And speaking of Pinterest, I’ve been trying out some new yummy salad recipes.

19. Our son from Alberta was just here for a little visit.

20. Although he stayed for over a week, the time went by like a blink.

21. He’s an outdoorsy kind of guy (and not that into salads!), but he did make some apple juice and blackberry jam while here to take back to his friends at home.

22. That made my Mamma heart smile. Who knew that he watched me so close when I made those things (years ago!)?

Summer memories

22. While he was here, this box of Duckbutter Beard Oil sat on the bathroom counter. It also made my Mamma heart smile.

23. Although he’s been growing great beards for years already, I appreciate the effort taken to make it smell & look  good!!


24. The deer have gobbled up almost all the pretty flowers in our front beds. (Yes, they walk boldly through the streets of town!)

Summer Gladiola

25. But, I quickly rescued this beautiful gladiola before they had a chance to discover it.  It’s blooming so happy by my kitchen sink.

What are some of your favorite Summer memories so far?

PS. And in other news, our house hunting is still an ongoing Summer activity for us. Timing is becoming a real factor and we’ll be needing to make a decision really soon. Scary/ Exciting!!??

25 things

If you missed it, you can read about the first house we went through here.


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  1. That salad looks so colourful. And I want to go hunting for that lavender farm.
    Was that your shower gift – the Happily After sign? Sweet idea.
    thanks Rita

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