New Year’s Thoughts…

Happy New Year to all of you!

I’ve been hearing/reading a lot about New Year’s resolutions these past few days. I can’t say that I’m really one of those “resolutions” people, but I sure do like the ring of the word “new”. I like the thought of starting fresh and a slate clean and ready for new possibilities.

A friend of mine inspired me a few years ago when she told me she likes to have a theme for each new year. She thinks about and focuses on that as she goes through the next 365 days. I like that idea.

So…I was thinking and searching for what my year’s theme could be. As I was doing so, I was able to hear a speaker talk about some thoughts on the book of Ecclesiastes. I was struck especially by one thought…”Celebrate the everyday with joy.”

As I’ve pondered that phrase, there is so much in it that strikes a chord in my heart.

Celebrate” – a joyous occasion


the everyday” – ordinary things…Yet, with a change of perspective, they can become extra-ordinary. It also fosters a more grateful and thankful spirit.


with joy” – I’ve always loved the word “joy” (maybe because my parent’s chose to give it to me as one of my names!:). I love to be around truly joy-filled people. I want to be one, too…

So often we wait for a special occasion to celebrate. But really, every DAY is a special occasion – a gift! I want to think about that more as this year goes by…

On another note, I’ve already chosen a “First Project” for 2011. The paint chips are out and my mind is in high gear. Of course…I’ll keep you posted!:)

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  1. Love it! Jonathan and I were talking about the same thing – how to make the boring things laced with gratefulness and a bit more fun! Takes a bit more intentional living but hopefully it will be worth it. Post how you and your 4 boys do this – love to hear it. Jennifer

  2. Oh, Rita, I LOVE this thought. You have made my heart glad with the prospect of a joy-filled day tomorrow.


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