Colin’s Bedroom Makeover

I decided early on in the new year that I wanted to finish our 12 -year- old son Colin’s room as my first project of the year. Last year a major roof leak “motivated” us to do a little work in there, but, obviously, it was a rushed job! We ripped out the ruined carpet and I painted the plywood floor Black Bean Soup – nor surprise, there!:) I also quickly painted out the dark panelling a light color I had kicking around. But now it’s time to do something for “real”!
It is a small room with a dramaticly sloped ceiling. Bed placement is really not a matter of “options”… if you want to walk without slamming your head into the ceiling, anyway!
There is also a funky set of open doorways for storage…
Hmm…I love a good challenge!:)
We started out the process by decluttering and organizing. Surprisingly, it didn’t take nearly as long as I dreaded it would. Then I got out my plethora of paint swatches to pick out a new wall color. That’s when things came to a screeching halt. I quickly realized that what looked beautiful and subtle on a paint swatch looks like a garish circus act on the walls! I had to take a “time out” from picking paint…
But, the other day, I made progress. (Hallelujah!) I found this bedding…
I just love its classy neutral colors and that fun stripe of red.
So, now when I go to town to buy my new hard drive…I just might buy some paint, too. A MUCH more exciting purchase!!:)

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