Summer Living Room Makeover – Part 1

I intended to get my living room summerized lickety-split like.  However, real life has interfered a bit with progress.  Sometimes things like running errands, doing laundry, etc. etc. get in my way!  Ha!…But little by little, things are coming together.  I’m not done with the whole room yet, but this wall is just about finished.

Here it was this past winter…in its beige stage…

bookcase after


And here it is now…(Painted Benjamin Moore’s “Misted Green”) ~ Fresh and “summery”!  (Is that a word??)

Living Room bookcase wall after

My boys, bless their little hearts, moved this couch up from the basement.  I’m aware that it’s dated.  However, it’s very comfy…and I still like it (well… to be honest…the Pottery Barn one that I really want is out of the question!…).  So, in the spirit of “use what you have” I threw a white blanket on it and sewed some new cushion covers.

pillow covers

(**Please pretend there are cute buttons on these.  They’re coming~ as well as a tutorial…)



I’ve read so often that “grass cloth wallpaper” is a nice backdrop in bookcases.  I don’t really know where I can find any of that in my neck of the woods (nor do I  want to pay for it!).  So, I lined this with a $1.25 beach mat from the dollar store (tutorial will be coming…).  It’s a fun change for summer, and can be easily changed out again later.


little things sign

I borrowed the “enjoy” sign I made from the powder room, until I have time to make something different the same size.


marriage license

For years I’ve had my grandparents’ marriage license carefully tucked away in a closet.  I’ve always wanted to do something with it, but just didn’t know what.  As I was flipping through a Pottery Barn catalogue, lo and behold I spied that they had a framed old marriage license on one of their gallery walls!

I was afraid the sun may damage the original paper and ink, so I had a color photocopy made of the original on a cardstock weight paper.  I always thought this frame was a bit odd colored, but somehow it works great with the colors of the old document.

Summer Living room Redo

That’s it for Part 1 of the Summer Living Room Makeover.  The “rest of the story” will be on its way…

( Right now I’ve gotten a bit side-tracked on a slipcovering project…Yep.  Yikes…!)

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  1. That's a great built-in bookcase! How fun, looking forward to the tutorial! Also, I like how you dressed up the couch with the pillows. Well done.

  2. Love your summery look–and that is a fabulous idea about the bookcase/grasscloth–beachmat!

  3. Love the wicker chairs…where did they go? And yes…summery is most definitely a word!

  4. Your room looks fantastic! I love the new summery look, especially the bookcase with the mat! What a creative idea!

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