Happier than a Pig in {Drywall} Mud

Some gifts come in tiny black boxes and are all shiny and sparkly.

Other gifts come in a much larger size ~ no box at all ~  and are dull gray and dusty.

I love them both.

My husband walked through the door with the latter the other day.

It was a great gift, indeed ~

2 sheets of drywall.  He even hung it up for me on this sad, sad concrete wall…

cement wall

Now it looks like this:

whole room

…I’m happier than a pig in mud…:)

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  1. Oh I do know how you feel – I was so very happy when we finally had the carpet installed in our house after walking around on plywood floors for six months! Sometimes it just doesn't take much to make us girls happy!

  2. Looking good! You're putting my basement to shame! Can't wait to see the finished product at the Jan 31 link party!

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